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Matthew Tsai 11/22/11 01:22 PM

Big D Cancel Tour
Big D and the Kids Table have canceled their upcoming tour due to Dave McWane being diagnosed with throat cancer. Please keep Dave in your thoughts and prayers.

Punkdc 11/22/11 01:26 PM

This is terrible news. I hope Dave makes a full come back sooner rather than later

Bryan Mac 11/22/11 01:26 PM

Fuck this.

irthesteve 11/22/11 01:27 PM

holy shit, this is incredibly sad news. fight on Dave!

Penguin 11/22/11 01:29 PM

That sucks. :-(

StephenYoung 11/22/11 01:29 PM

Terrible news. Good luck to the best ska frontman right now.

Hopefully he picks it up.

irthesteve 11/22/11 01:29 PM

Going to listen to some Big D right now

dannylololol 11/22/11 01:33 PM


Alex DiVincenzo 11/22/11 01:33 PM

Wow, absolutely awful news. Get well soon, Dave. Hope you can beat this thing and get back out there doing what you love.

bandnamexmyname 11/22/11 01:36 PM

Such shitty news coming this week.

raptorz44 11/22/11 01:37 PM

Holy shit. This is terrible awful news. Hope for a quick recovery.

TheRealJohnOC 11/22/11 01:40 PM

Wow. I was going to hit up Starland next January for their date too. This is awful news. Get well soon Dave!

xxxxxxxxxxxmatt 11/22/11 01:43 PM

Damn....best of luck to him. Really hope he gets over this.

prefix-core 11/22/11 01:44 PM

Really sad news. I'm bummed. But...If he's going back home for surgery, that's probably a decent sign.

Best of luck, Dave!

robdobi 11/22/11 01:46 PM

what a bummer, i've known dave for 12 years and he is a fantastic human being. wishing him a speedy recovery.