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Tele72 12/04/11 08:23 PM

YES!!!! First TEN now Bloc Party. This is a good week!

FUCKDIRTYWIPES 12/04/11 09:01 PM

pumped. love me some bloc party.

saintnumberfive 12/04/11 09:32 PM

I loved Weekend In The City. This is fantastic news.

Mitch 12/04/11 09:54 PM

oh thank god

OnLettingGo 12/04/11 10:00 PM

I'll take it. I"ve missed these guys and without Thrice and Thurs I just wanna hear some good news.

dmryan33 12/04/11 10:19 PM

SteveLikesMusic 12/04/11 10:41 PM

Amazing. 'We were knackered, innit.' hahaha

thesollopsist 12/04/11 11:33 PM

I need to get into these guys more. Only heard Silent Alarm.

InfiniteArms 12/05/11 01:20 AM

"Not sorry we took time off." why would they even need to be sorry? Everyone needs a break. I know I would like a break from my job right now.

tossit 12/05/11 06:24 AM

sweet...can't wait!

SuNDaYSTaR 12/05/11 06:26 AM

Any new music from these guys is good news.

honestykills 12/05/11 07:39 AM


mattyrocks 12/05/11 07:46 AM

now would be a good time to start and dig into their discography.

ilovesofie 12/05/11 07:48 AM

I love this band. A Weekend in the City is such a perfect fall record, absolutely love Intimacy too.

drudo182 12/05/11 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by like yesterday (Post 98890912)
Well, when I scrolled down to see more posts it prompted me to sign up for a Facebook. Didn't see the message. I'm going to assume the lead singer didn't get kicked out from the posts in this thread. I just hate when ap.net posts twitter messages or Facebook posts and I'm not able to read them because I don't have either of them. Just post a screencap or quote, ya know? /rant

Yah, it will ask me to log in frequently too but I just keep cancelling it. Kind of annoying but I only look at them briefly as it is so it's alright.