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Jason Tate 12/26/11 03:05 PM

Breathe Carolina Sign With Major Label, Columbia Records
Breathe Carolina will release the new album on Columbia Records.

Submitted by fbrrocks

athdrummer19 12/26/11 03:06 PM


Rysker6 12/26/11 03:15 PM

I finally listened to these guys awhile ago, the one song I heard, I will admit I liked.

kidinthebushes 12/26/11 03:15 PM

I actually enjoyed their first two albums, but their song Blackout is just annoying.

But good for BC and good for Fearless. They've had a lot of recent success with their bands lately.

TheSeaBetween 12/26/11 03:18 PM

Didn't they put out one a few months ago?

Can't stand to even think of them as a guilty pleasure, but still some good news for them.

incognitojones 12/26/11 03:21 PM

Well they pretty much dropped the screaming shit, so now they're a regular electro pop band and this makes sense?

Kdenisarealboy 12/26/11 03:25 PM

saveferris 12/26/11 03:26 PM

:-| I guess this is what the kids like these days.

DCART 12/26/11 03:30 PM

good for them, still have yet to hear them on the radio or anything. was it really that big of a hit?

Dirge07 12/26/11 03:34 PM

Although I'm typically not into bands like this, they've toured and worked their butts off for a while so they've earned it in my book, and Blackout is a guilty pleasure of mine. Kudos fellas.

Takuto 12/26/11 03:50 PM

They definitely have potential to be like 3oh!3.
I hear Blackout on the hits radio all the time.

The Summer Ends 12/26/11 03:58 PM

horrible band that makes horrible music

frankly they're closer to brokencyde than real music

HometownHero 12/26/11 03:59 PM

:puke:also: lol

_veges_ 12/26/11 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by Kdenisarealboy (Post 99985142)


Rob McWilliams 12/26/11 04:24 PM

R.I.P. Music

4000 B.C. - December 26th, 2011