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Jason Tate 01/16/12 11:40 AM

Streaming New Song
Chino Moreno's project has a new song streaming on Rolling Stone.

Submitted by whiterussian

3GunGaz 01/16/12 11:43 AM

How do we say that one?

jotte1 01/16/12 11:44 AM

looks like a bunch of crosses?

Holly HoX! 01/16/12 11:46 AM

Man, I'm so up on this witch house tip!

whoaisame 01/16/12 11:52 AM

fucking dig this song

NickHTL 01/16/12 12:01 PM

FUCK yeah!

jornor 01/16/12 12:06 PM


parkerjamison 01/16/12 12:16 PM

i like

Hail Lelouch 01/16/12 12:21 PM

release an affordable vinyl already!

Hail Lelouch 01/16/12 12:22 PM

damn that was amazing

BlackTaxi2d 01/16/12 12:23 PM

maybe they were right: all the good band names are taken

Kdenisarealboy 01/16/12 12:23 PM

I don't know this band but what about:, or , why ?

projectmayhem16 01/16/12 12:28 PM

I really like it. Can't wait for the new e.p.

defy_stars 01/16/12 12:39 PM

Great :thumbup:

Loved the first EP, will definitely love this one too..

Ohaidere 01/16/12 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by Kdenisarealboy (Post 101262842)
I don't know this band but what about:, or , why ?

because three crosses are better than 1 or 2.

but this song is absolutely fantastic. I love this project more than anything.