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Andy Biddulph 01/20/12 01:06 AM

Free Music Friday (01/20/12)
This week's installment of Free Music Friday can be seen in the replies.

Andy Biddulph 01/20/12 01:06 AM

Please send any new submissions to reviews@absolutepunk.net with "Free Music Friday" in the subject line.

Submissions should include your band's name, title of submission (and whether it is a full length, EP or single song), facebook or website link, and similar bands for the "recommended if you like" section. Please upload it to a downloading website such as mediafire or bandcamp and send that link. Links to bandcamp or other places where it can be downloaded for free are more than acceptable.

Full Lengths
7YEARSBADLUCK - Sleep Now, Pay Later
RIYL: Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, Samiam

yellowbirddd - missing

RIYL: Bright Eyes, Kevin Devine, Death Cab For Cutie, Andy Hull, Counting Crows

The Danger O's - Play Their Hits
RIYL: Guided By Voices, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr

Countless Thousands - We're Just Really Excited to Be Here
RIYL: Foo Fighters, Against Me!, Riverboat Gamblers, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

Shambles - Shambles
RIYL: I Am The Avalanche, Saves The Day, Screeching Weasel, Midtown

Next Stop Atlanta - Next Stop Atlanta
RIYL: Female-fronted pop-punk

I Am Carpenter - Borders
RIYL: Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw, Make Do And Mend

Pigeons In Motion - Flashing Lights & Blinding Skies
RIYL: Angels & Airwaves, Feeder, Jimmy Eat World

Head Above Water - Brandon Hill
RIYL: All Time Low, PlayRadioPlay, Blink 182

Notebook. - Paintmarks
RIYL: Crosses, The Weeknd, Cage, Spoonfull, Witness

Cold Summer - Transitions
RIYL: Thrice, Poison The Well, Thursday, City & Colour

Into The Storm - Captains
RIYL: Botch, Isis, Cursed

Chained / In Fidelity - Split

C facebook | IF facebook
RIYL: The Carrier, Verse, Shai Hulud, Integrity, Have Heart

Breton - The Blanket Rule
RIYL: Massive Attack, Foals, James Blake, Gorillaz, Tom Vek, Bloc Party

The Chaos is Coming - Suspended Animation
RIYL: Parkway Drive, The Eyes of a Traitor, August Burns Red

Looking For Astronauts - The Turkish Wrestler

RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Coldplay, Manchester Orchestra

Samplers / Compilations / Demos
Cats? Aye! Records - Presenting: The Dancin' Machine
RIYL: Watch Commander, Leagues Apart, Above Them

Breakthrough Frequencies - "Proper Wolf" (Demo version)

RIYL: Brand New, Balance and Composure, Minus the Bear

The Safest Place on Earth - Demo
RIYL: 90's radio rock, Saves The Day

Dakota Drive - Dakota Drive (compilation)
RIYL: Adele, He Is We, Eisley

Single Songs
1039 - "The Beat"
RIYL: Lifetime, Descendants, Kid Dynamite, Dag Nasty

The Backup Plan - "Ruby Red"
RIYL: The Starting Line, All Time Low, Jimmy Eat World

Pretty Little Kennedy Curse - "I'd Take State"
RIYL: Blink 182, You, Me and Everyone We Know, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, The Wonder Years

Life Down Here - "All That You Are"
RIYL: Paramore, Rise Against, Anberlin, VersaEmerge

Head Exploder - "Slushie"
RIYL: Metallica, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine

PunkANation - "Samaritan's Anthem"

RIYL: The Exploited, The Casualties

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Andy Biddulph 01/20/12 01:08 AM

Only listened to a couple of things properly so far, but Countless Thousands, Shambles and Next Stop Atlanta are all well worth checking out.

InfiniteArms 01/20/12 01:29 AM


RIYL: Thrice, Poison The Well, Thursday, City & Colour

Poison The Well AND City & Colour? So it's an acoustic Hardcore act?

InfiniteArms 01/20/12 05:44 AM


Originally Posted by voncorn (Post 101537992)

True, but it's not the first thing that comes to mind when people say they sound like Poison The Well

xdifference88x 01/20/12 05:55 AM

the yellowbirddd record is solid. i've had it for a few months now and it comes highly recommended.

farrrell504 01/20/12 06:34 AM

thanks guys for putting us on here!

Alex DiVincenzo 01/20/12 06:38 AM

Shambles are good. Need to listen to a bunch more.

CatsAyeRecords 01/20/12 06:46 AM

Cheers for the mention Andy.

Huts 01/20/12 07:06 AM

Hey. I'm Jeremy from Shambles. Thanks AP.net for putting us on here AND I just wanted to post a link to another way to download our music, in case our free bandcamp downloads run out (We're super siked that this is a problem!).


DEFINITELY check out 1039 while you're in here.

Physhmunkie 01/20/12 07:35 AM

Thanks for the mention! :D

Breakthrough Frequencies - "Proper Wolf" (Demo version)
RIYL: Brand New, Balance and Composure, Minus the Bear

Spencer Control 01/20/12 08:03 AM

Checking out The Chaos Is Coming...

DavidTCIC 01/20/12 08:03 AM

Hope you like our band, The Chaos is Coming!
I'm interested in hear what you think about our music.
Thanks to all, especially to AbsolutePunk for giving us this incredible chance!
Enjoy it!

NotebookMusic 01/20/12 08:06 AM

Much respect to Andy for posting the E.P.
I hope you all enjoy.

- Notebook.

DavidTCIC 01/20/12 08:24 AM

BTW, i'm so surprised that no one else noticed that The Danger O's album is fucking sick.

danredgate 01/20/12 08:41 AM

Hope y'all enjoy our EP,

Pigeons In Motion

panicbxmb 01/20/12 08:55 AM

Thanks for posting our demo. I'm Dan from The Safest Place on Earth. I hope everyone enjoys what we've got so far. Full length coming in a few months, if all goes according to plan. :)


Originally Posted by DavidTCIC (Post 101543942)
BTW, i'm so surprised that no one else noticed that The Danger O's album is fucking sick.

I noticed. :) Those guys are easily my favorite band from my area. Everything they make is worth your time.

whispered east 01/20/12 09:59 AM

I know that I've seen Yellowbirddd on here all the time, but this is either the first one I've been impressed by or the first time I was paying enough attention. Super good... will have to revisit some of his other stuff. Haha.

MADSTA 01/20/12 10:04 AM

That yellowbirddd stuff sounds nice as hell.

LifeDownHere 01/20/12 11:10 AM

Here is our video for "All That You Are"! Hope you like it!

callforswarley 01/20/12 12:06 PM

Next Stop Atlanta is like We Are The In Crowd, but definitely crunchier.

LightSky182 01/20/12 12:42 PM

High and Dry by Head Above Water is catchy as a motherfuck. Next Stop Atlanta's EP is pretty rad as well

PHI Flyers10 01/20/12 01:40 PM

I'm inclined to check out I Am Carpenter but I don't know if I want to because of that absolutely horrible band name. Too cliche.

sjb2k1 01/20/12 02:57 PM

Really digging yellowbirddd

_veges_ 01/20/12 03:00 PM

So much good stuff this week

EDIT: I really want to download shambles' ep, but the mediafire link doesn't work for my mac, and I guess the free bandcamp downloads are out :-(

Huts 01/20/12 04:57 PM

What's the mediafire link doing that isn't working? Is it downloading but not playing? It should just be mp3s. I can try to send you the EP in whatever format you want!

Edit: changed the mediafire link to be a .zip download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bzlbi5cq1jl9o3a

algae 01/20/12 08:28 PM

yellowbirdd is like perfect for cold weather.

ashley916 01/21/12 07:05 AM

Shambles is really good. Pretty stoked that they are from mass (local-ish). Usually when I find new bands to listen to, they only play shows on the other side of the world. I hope to see these guys live sometime soon.

Huts 01/21/12 04:42 PM

Thanks Ashley. We've got some cool shows in the works for February. I'll be sure to let you know!

panicbxmb 01/22/12 10:42 PM

This is Dan from Safest Place on Earth again. I see some people downloaded our demo. Thanks! I hope you guys and gals enjoyed it. Newer better quality stuff should be available in a few months.

Here's our video for our song "The Prize Fight" too:

Thanks for listening :)

disconnectjohn 01/24/12 08:45 AM

Hey guys, did anyone check out the 7YearsBadLuck album? Feedback would definitely be appreciated. Was aware a couple tracks corrupted a bit right near the end - have reuploaded and all's good now!

dave rockstar 01/26/12 12:02 AM

thanks so much for the mention!