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Jason Tate 01/25/12 11:24 AM

Happy 20 Years Less Than Jake!
Less Than Jake have posted a 20 year anniversary video on their website. Happy 20 years LTJ!

Brandon Allin 01/25/12 11:31 AM

One of my all-time favorite bands.

fuckyourscenes 01/25/12 11:36 AM

Hard to believe that it's been so long, congrats dudes!

imagination 01/25/12 11:41 AM

damn, 20 years!
edit: they were one of my first concerts i've been to with slick shoes and yellowcard.

golferpunk1 01/25/12 11:44 AM

Sweet video. Here's to 20 more!!

oneeightytwo 01/25/12 12:03 PM

Happy 20 Years!!
Hello Rockview is such a great album.

get up kidd 01/25/12 12:05 PM

Remember picking up "Hello Rockview" At a local record store around 2002ish. Then "Anthem" the next year when it came out. Crazy shit.

RyanFTW 01/25/12 12:13 PM

Congrats boys. Still catchy as ever

neo506 01/25/12 12:16 PM

Great guys who put on a great show

Losing Streak/Hellow Rockview/Borders & Bounderies/Anthem were spun non stop by me in highschool.

I'll have to pull em out and listen today

Here's to 20 more!

ChaseTx 01/25/12 12:40 PM

This used to be my favorite band in like 8th & 9th grade

WhoSaidThat? 01/25/12 12:59 PM


DannyCostellar 01/25/12 01:06 PM

I credit this band, and the rest of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 soundtrack, for being my gateway drug towards 95% of the music I listen to. Hello Rockview and Anthem are still my shit, ten years later.

Tony 01/25/12 01:12 PM

Crazy they've been around for two whole decades. Even crazier is that I've been a fan for ~15 years now. Here's to getting old!

ChaseTx 01/25/12 01:32 PM

haha I think I discovered them on Yahoo radio... either that THPS. I'm pretty sure they were never on a Punk-o-rama CD.

Too bad I don't have any of those albums anymore.

J.Dick 01/25/12 01:38 PM

Happy birthday!