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Jason Tate 01/27/12 04:04 PM

Young Jon Stewart Moshing at Dead Kennedys Show
A photographer has unearthed a photo of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart moshing at a The Dead Kennedys show when he was younger. Could this man be any cooler? Check the replies for the image.

Jason Tate 01/27/12 04:04 PM

According to the photographer, the man in the center is Jon.

spunkmastaflex 01/27/12 04:05 PM

Highly unlikely, but that would make a good story.

Rob McWilliams 01/27/12 04:06 PM

The jaw is too wide to be Jon. His face was really thin when he did the Jon Stewart Show, and even now, his chin doesn't jut that much.

Still, Stewart's a genius.

Jason Tate 01/27/12 04:09 PM

Irish Willis Peele snapped a lot of photographs of Virginia "speed punk" band Front Line back in the 1980s, including this one, from a Dead Kennedys show in Richmond, Va. Peele says the guy in the center is William and Mary student Jon Leibowitz — who later moved to New York and now has a pretty successful comedy career under the name Jon Stewart. In case you're wondering, it adds up — Stewart was at William and Mary until 1984. (gawker)

Alex DiVincenzo 01/27/12 04:12 PM

If true, this is awesome

heyzombiehitler 01/27/12 04:13 PM

Not surprised. Dudes a bad ass.

Rysker6 01/27/12 04:19 PM

Wow, that's pretty cool, and actually him.

DCART 01/27/12 04:21 PM

john fucking stewart.

Miketheunicycle 01/27/12 04:22 PM

he just got another cool point

deFobbed14yrs 01/27/12 04:22 PM


Rob McWilliams 01/27/12 04:25 PM

Okay, rescinding my comment, because that second photo is definitely Jon Fucking Stewart.

If this gets a bit on the Daily Show I'll be able to cross an item off my bucket list.

semipunk93 01/27/12 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by deFobbed14yrs (Post 101975372)

Can this man SERIOUSLY be any more awesome?!

ICBIMTS 01/27/12 04:34 PM

Up tha punxxx

twotoneterror 01/27/12 04:34 PM

Jon Stewart was also a bartender at Trenton's notorious City Gardens, a venue that hosted many famous punk and hardcore acts while he was there. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this was him.