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Ryan Gardner 02/06/12 08:04 PM

A Common Year - Where The Light Still Shines
A Common YearWhere The Light Still Shines EP
Record Label: None
Release Date: February 7, 2012

Two years ago, A Common Year released arguably one of the most underrated debut records of that year: Between Cities. Combining the sophistication of Jimmy Eat World and the structuring of acts like Armor For Sleep, the record was one of the best surprises of 2010 – and it was free.

Now, the boys are back with the follow up EP, Where The Light Still Shines. The result of two years of expansion and growth, this EP has tighter riffs and bigger choruses. Coleman Bright also takes the lead on more tracks, allowing A Common Year to expand onto new canvases, such as the country-rock background on “Sundown.”

Starting off strong, pulsating, pounding drums pave the road on “Ending A Chapter.” Casey Baksa sounds better than ever this time around, but the main highlight of the opener is the excelled guitar play – it’s cleaner and more controlled. The songwriting growth also must not be ignored, with “Try” being an addictive number – the powerful chorus takes the credit here – with some of the best guitar work on the EP.

The more prominent usage of separate vocalists throughout the EP allows A Common Year to expand and cover more ground. Alike to “Sundown,” “A Little More” has a more straightforward rock persona to it, again using Bright’s distinctive vocal delivery to create this diversity. The final track also conveys this multiplicity and expansion. Not unlike the final tracks on Between Cities, “Empty Space” employs only an acoustic guitar behind Baksa’s captivating croon. As a result, the authenticity of A Common Year hits the listener on this intricate track.

Two years in the making, Where The Light Still Shines picks up where Between Cities left off for the most part, only fine-tuning the hinges and demonstrating the genuineness of A Common Year. As they continue to progress moving toward their sophomore release, A Common Year prove yet again that it is definitely a name to be on the look out for as 2012 presses forward.


Recommended If You LikeBetween Cities; Jimmy Eat World; Armor For Sleep; pop-rock

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Ending A Chapter
2. Sundown
3. Try
4. A Little More
5. Empty Space

A Common Year are:
Casey Baksa – Vocals, Guitar
Coleman Bright – Guitar, Vocals
Matt Ritter – Bass
Jake Bergman – Drums


KenneyBN 02/06/12 10:25 PM

Diggin this a lot.

mkohler 02/06/12 10:32 PM

Loving this so far. The new version of Try is fantastic. Seeing AFS in the RIYL section was a bit odd at first but I can see it now.

yixingaizheng 02/07/12 06:24 AM


Caleb Cabrera 02/07/12 09:03 AM


The.Grim 02/07/12 09:24 PM

This band is going to get big.

COLEMAN902 02/08/12 07:03 AM

Big thanks to anyone who's supported us in the last couple years. We'll be releasing a new album by the end of 2012.

Baines on Toast 02/12/12 07:09 PM

Really am enjoying this.

cut!print 02/16/12 05:30 PM

Great band, they deserve praise. I've yet to listen to the new EP but if what you have said is true I feel I won't be disappointed for the debut was fantastic!