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brandon_260 02/10/12 06:55 AM

This is by far one of you best reviews. Incredibly well written. This album is unbelievably good. I foresee it as a top 10 album at the end of the year.

get up kidd 02/10/12 06:57 AM

Fucking great review, God dammit I want to hear this record right now!

And I actually went to high school in "Paupack, PA" There's a lot of cliffs in the area, pretty much could be anywhere. Still pretty awesome.

Rodeo 02/10/12 07:02 AM

This album and review gets a a big 'ol "FUCK YEAH!" from me! Great work, everyone.

MJSchmidt 02/10/12 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by prefix-core (Post 102776582)
Only time will tell if this record holds up beyond 2012, but as the review states several times--the Menzingers have come into their own with this one. Great songwriting all-around. Easily my favorite record of 2012 thus far. And it's gonna be a tough one to beat.

One of the few albums that actually does sound like the Gaslight Anthem and the Lawrence Arms

Go on...

Ryan Dennehy 02/10/12 07:41 AM

Probably my favorite review of yours, and the album is phenomenal. 'Gates' is my personal favorite, but I get drawn farther into the album with each listen. So good.

Losthope182 02/10/12 07:41 AM

Great review, definitely going to check out this record.

brandon_260 02/10/12 07:51 AM

I haven't been able o get Casey out of my head since reading this review.

theotheryabs 02/10/12 08:09 AM

I have been spinning this nonstop since I got it. AOTY so far

koryoreo 02/10/12 08:25 AM

Great review Thomas. Casey is my favorite jam from this fantastic piece of work as well. This album is everything I wanted it to be and more. They completely destroyed all expectations I had for the band. I absolutely love the slow, chill Gaslight vibes that this record gives. Hopefully this band gets some much deserved attention 2012.

dannylololol 02/10/12 08:27 AM

Great review, great album

uglystar03 02/10/12 08:28 AM

I can't wait to receive my preorder. The anticipation might kill me.

stereokiller 02/10/12 08:42 AM

finally, haven't read it yet, but a well deserved score. record is amazing! gonna read it now though. post some thoughts later.

stereokiller 02/10/12 08:53 AM

tl; did read. besides being a few words away from being a lyrics booklet, i thoroughly enjoyed the review. good stuff thomas.

njiata603 02/10/12 09:05 AM

I am so excited for this to come in the mail.

yayitsjoe 02/10/12 09:05 AM

holy shit. well, if there's one thing to convince me to get this record, it was this review. will be picking this up soon.