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Drew Beringer 02/14/12 03:26 AM

Staff Reviews - 02/14/12
Hello, airplanes? Yeah, it's blimps. You win!
Staff Reviews 02.14.12Eisley - Deep Space (Drew Beringer)
Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory (Jeremy Aaron)
Shearwater - Animal Joy (Jeremy Aaron)

RyanFTW 02/14/12 03:34 AM

For the tenth time, IT'S HELIUM!

VeryWittyName 02/14/12 05:28 AM

'M' as in 'Mancy'.

Cody Nelson 02/14/12 06:40 AM

What part of 'it's not hydrogen' don't you get? Well, the core concept, Apparently.

Drew Beringer 02/14/12 08:15 AM

hooray for metaphors

cstir 02/14/12 09:48 AM

How'd you even get a life insurance plan? Don't they know you're in the DANGER ZONE?

cwhit412 02/14/12 09:53 AM

Best show.

Cody Nelson 02/14/12 10:23 AM

'What's the poem going to be about when Cyril snaps and murders you?' 'I don't know, 'World's Gushiest Orgasm?''

bladerdude360 02/14/12 08:09 PM

So much win in these replies.

fuckyourscenes 02/14/12 08:43 PM