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Alex DiVincenzo 02/17/12 06:24 AM

Tom DeLonge Talks Skating and Punk
Watch a video of Blink-182's Tom DeLonge discussing skateboarding and punk rock in the replies. It features some vintage footage of DeLonge skating.

Alex DiVincenzo 02/17/12 06:24 AM

imnotapunkhero 02/17/12 06:28 AM

Is Tom a mason? I noticed the freemason symbol behind him and he had one on his guitar last september.

s0thenscatsaid 02/17/12 06:39 AM

"Oh my god his voice was so bad in this!!!!"

BigAl 02/17/12 06:56 AM

I like the bits where he refers to his skateboarding friends as a tribe.

Chemical Love 02/17/12 06:58 AM

Very cool video.

get up kidd 02/17/12 07:05 AM

This was actually pretty fucking awesome.

heavyd 02/17/12 07:11 AM

I like how Mark and Dave Kennedy are in this. Weird to see Tom playing a 12 string acoustic.

Nolessthanblink 02/17/12 07:21 AM

What's with all this spam I've seen popping up lately on this website?

Videos awesome

jlinitz 02/17/12 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by s0thenscatsaid (Post 103208532)
"Oh my god his voice was so bad in this!!!!"

"He was so bad at skating too!!"

absolution 02/17/12 07:29 AM

Makes me want to go skate. Where is my element board and duffs..

PHI Flyers10 02/17/12 07:32 AM

I don't skate but this was a pretty cool video. Kind of nice to see Tom is still a human and not some emotionless money-hungry demon.

So-Crates 02/17/12 07:54 AM

great video

Dreamers 02/17/12 07:59 AM


dannylololol 02/17/12 08:19 AM

This was pretty neat