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Tom Good 09/06/07 03:15 PM

if julia recommends it, i'm in.

Julia Conny 09/06/07 03:41 PM

I'm so thrilled people are digging this. And if you're not ... well then, you might as well cry yourself to sleep.

driftsandpulls 09/06/07 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by cajuncork (Post 7521849)
You can download one of the songs for free here....


Clark Westfield is so handsome..

Gumbyjag 09/07/07 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Julia Conny (Post 7520470)
Give it a try.

Where can I find the album? It is only on tours and whatnot or is it distributed by self-release? I'd like love to check 'em out but I have two demons that haunt me: 1. Dial-up internet service 2. I live in a small town which means: a. there is only one record store with minimal availability and b. Wal-Mart is the only alternative. The Gay Blades just got added to Edgefest though so if I can make it to the show, I'll be sure to find the album.

theshareef 09/09/07 09:28 PM

Ooooooooooooooooh man. This is really awesome stuff.

allhourcymbals 12/02/07 04:59 PM

In AP Magazine the article on them recommends them if you like Say Anything and someone else.. Say Anything was enough to get me to at least listen, and they are awwwesome, I definitely plan on picking up the CD.

Keagan Ilvonen 01/12/08 09:22 PM

I ordered the cd earlier in the week, can't wait for it.

BulleTheory 09/12/08 04:30 PM

i looove this album, has a good bluesy rock sound to it....someone needs to post the lyrics to this album though

Jamos4184 12/08/08 10:58 AM

Anyone know who the guest vocalist is on "Why Can't I Grow a Beard?"

airik625 12/13/08 10:44 PM

Can't wait to listen to this.

thedrewman998 06/25/09 01:29 PM

CAN'T STOP listening to robots fuck your shit up.

bobby runs 07/19/09 01:48 PM

Saw these dudes last week and after seeing them live I'm checking the album out. One of the best performances I've ever seen.

KingJohn_654 08/09/09 12:35 AM

great great music.