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Adam Pfleider 02/24/12 10:57 AM

Limp Bizkit Signs to Cash Money
Cash Money Records (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj) has officially signed Limp Bizkit. I'm speechless.

PandaBear! 02/24/12 10:58 AM

so funny/awesome...

Zack Zarrillo 02/24/12 10:59 AM

"The Cash Money MC loves strapping on a guitar" ahahaha

whitelightning7 02/24/12 10:59 AM

If this helps to get rid of Cash Money finally, I'm okay with this move.

CoheedForever 02/24/12 11:00 AM


youareallfreaks 02/24/12 11:01 AM

this is fucking awesome

incognitojones 02/24/12 11:01 AM

Please let a Drake/Limp Bizkit tour happen.

ecartman(>< ) 02/24/12 11:01 AM

sweet. i cant wait to not hear the next limp bizkit release and forget about them once agaiiinnn :-0

Jake Jenkins 02/24/12 11:03 AM


dannylololol 02/24/12 11:03 AM

Hahhah omg

golferpunk1 02/24/12 11:04 AM

It may have been the only label that stood to improve by such an addition...

serendipity 02/24/12 11:05 AM

If you take Fred out of the equation this band has some serious jams... Take a Look Around, Pollution, Rearranged... Just listen to what Wes is doing guitar wise on Nookie and tell me your balls aren't melting. TELL ME.

ParkwayTom 02/24/12 11:06 AM

Seems like a smart investment.

hotrod 02/24/12 11:06 AM

this is so rad i love me some bizkit

Full Effect Ed 02/24/12 11:07 AM

Three Dolla Bill Ya'll!!