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Drew Beringer 02/28/12 08:09 AM

Stream Ex Lives
You can stream Every Time I Die's new album Ex Lives here. The stream also includes the deluxe edition's three bonus tracks. Also, you can check out my review of the new album here.

ebushelm 02/28/12 08:13 AM

Ahhhhhhhhhhh New Etid Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh

Allstarme23 02/28/12 08:13 AM

Sick review

schmohawk 02/28/12 08:13 AM

it rules.

cowlord 02/28/12 08:14 AM

Holy Book just completely blew me away.

TheRealJohnOC 02/28/12 08:15 AM

Pure insanity. This is a mix of every ETID album all in one. It's gonna be really hard to top this record!

ahoff101 02/28/12 08:17 AM

My mind blown, bones crushed.

stonecoldfox 02/28/12 08:19 AM

This album is fucking nuts. I love it so much, even the terrible mostly clean vocal song.

phaynes1 02/28/12 08:31 AM

Wow. Already listened to the album about four times yesterday and loved it and these three bonus tracks make it even that much better.

Ryan Dennehy 02/28/12 08:35 AM

Really good album. These guys are great.

AustinHoag 02/28/12 08:35 AM

SO glad all the songs aren't like Revival Mode. It's a good song, I just wouldn't want a whole album of that. Great album.

cjprocknroll 02/28/12 08:43 AM

That last bonus song is a jam

Fame<Infamy 02/28/12 09:06 AM

Revival Mode sounds a lot better as part of the album rather than as a single song. Really liking this.

iAMhollyood315 02/28/12 09:09 AM

AOTY for me. hands down my favorite band. Its not possible for this band to put out a mediocre record. and its a band that whether you listen to hardcore or pop people from all kinds of genres like. Its win fucking win baby.

cwhit412 02/28/12 09:31 AM

Very smart of them to put the bonus tracks on here. Great job guys.