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Aaron Mook 03/03/12 11:09 PM

All Get Out - The Season
All Get Out - The Season
Record Label: Favorite Gentlemen Recordings
Release Date: September 20, 2011

Every once in a while, you come across a melody so fun (for lack of a better word), you swear you've heard it before. A guitar line so catchy, so gripping, you immediately wish you would have written it. This is why debut album The Season from indie-pop rockers All Get Out is deserving of all of our attention.

The album kicks off the incredible, fast paced and angsty "My Friends". Featuring blazing horns and vocals that range from nearly spoken to screaming-your-lungs-out, it's an opener that sticks in your head the first time you hear it. Comparisons of not only the vocals, but the musicianship to Manchester Orchestra are inevitable, and at times extremely apparent, but this shouldn't stop the average listener from continuing throughout the album without problem (The Season is released on Manchester Orchestra's record label, Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. Also, there are worse bands you draw comparisons to..Godsmack, anyone?). Key tracks "Church Doors And Skeptics" and "Lucky Bastard" follow up with a perfected slow to fast, quiet to loud formula with each songs complementing the other with a combination of simple and complex lyrics and fantastic harmonies.

"Subject To Change" rips through the almost halfway mark of the album, keeping up a pace unmatched by most debuts today. The album's second half slows things down, however still fueling the music with a slow-burning passion. "Me And My Lovers" features some of the best lyrics All Get Out has written to date, and "Girl, Gun" is the climatic creative milestone of the album, ranking as my personal favorite track.

The Season concludes itself as well as it first began; a trilogy of mid-tempo/slower, more personal songs play out reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World's well-known album closers. The album's first half is faster and a bit more memorable than its second, but as a whole the album flows greatly, especially for a debut full-length. All Get Out has created smorgasbord of an album, from straightforward rockers to atmospheric, almost cinematic tunes, and it reveals itself to be one of the best albums of 2011.

Recommended If You LikeIndie-pop; Manchester Orchestra; Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American


Cody Nelson 03/14/12 04:56 PM

Hardly a pop-rock album.

Ed219 03/22/12 02:21 PM

def agree with the scores here

CapitalG24 04/05/12 03:09 PM

This album is amazing.

Aaron Mook 01/17/13 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by Cody Nelson (Post 104736422)
Hardly a pop-rock album.

This was my first review a long time ago, thatt might not have been the best phrase to describe it. They sound grittier than they did on the self-titled EP, while retaining a poppier edge than, say, Manchester. Just my opinion. Either way, the album rules.

Aaron Mook 02/28/14 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by SpencerCoronado (Post 131435161)
The All Get Out? It's just All Get Out. Seen these dudes 4 times live since back in high school. They get really angry and their live shows are very crazy. Loved this band.

Where did you get "The All Get Out" from?

Aaron Mook 02/28/14 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by SpencerCoronado (Post 131459591)
Look at the top of the page (title in the page tab): "All Get Out, The - The Season"

Not trying to nit pick or anything. Haha.

Oh haha never noticed that...that's funny, especially since it's correct in the review. Huh.

Thanks for reading! This was the first review I ever wrote haha I feel much better about reviews like the Gambino one than this.