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Jason Tate 03/06/12 11:21 AM

New S / S / S Song Posted
A new song from s / s / s (Serengeti, Sufjan Stevens, and Son Lux) called "Museum Day" can be found here.

Submitted by Brissona

Holly HoX! 03/06/12 11:37 AM

It's pretty interesting and I'm excited to hear the whole release.

It really just sounds like raps put over The Age of Adz - my favorite Sufjan record. This just makes me want more Sufjan tbh.

cwhit412 03/06/12 12:20 PM

Very interesting song. very curious to hear the rest.

_veges_ 03/06/12 01:02 PM

I enjoyed it

Özgür Kurtoglu 03/06/12 03:34 PM

Good thing they added that last "s"...

baton 03/06/12 04:05 PM

it was awesome actually, nothing that i would expect though, which is good

bobsheiskawy 03/06/12 08:36 PM

pretty chill.

Life,I'msorry 03/07/12 12:09 AM

This is sooooo damn good! I can't wait to hear the EP as a whole.

Arry 03/07/12 12:18 PM

whoa. different than i was expecting. i dig it.