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Thomas Nassiff 03/10/12 08:57 AM

Playing "And Now I'm Nothing" right before the encore is too good. I am not as active as shows as I used to be but I know I'll get excited for seeing TWY songs that I haven't seen live yet, and that one is going to be awesome.

SavingNovember 03/10/12 08:59 AM

Glad to see TSSF is playing High Regard again. I'm guessing they don't have fill ins for this tour?

tyramail 03/10/12 09:00 AM

really, really stoked for this

Alex DiVincenzo 03/10/12 09:11 AM

Alex DiVincenzo 03/10/12 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by matt_bergeron (Post 104479362)
This is the first show that ill be going to alone (Monday, Boston.) so if anyone wants to be friends, I'll be the kid in shorts with fake legs. Come make fun of me.

Also, solid set lists from all the bands.


Originally Posted by JinxRemoving (Post 104479992)
I'll be going alone Monday too, it's not that bad. Can't wait!


Originally Posted by ESundy36 (Post 104480822)
Same here and I couldn't care less.

Me too!

cubsml34 03/10/12 09:16 AM

So very excited for Chicago, will be repping PBC and IIOI hard

mattplayscheap 03/10/12 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by kidinthebushes (Post 104475872)
I've never seen TSSF before. I'm glad to see they play Daughters.

Great live

DevinDomino 03/10/12 09:21 AM

Little less Keystone State, a little more Hoodie Weather. But, maybe that's just me.

Micah511 03/10/12 09:28 AM

what is the intro and interlude in transits set? stupid question?

Paris1nFlames 03/10/12 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 104479162)
My only wish is that theyd replace Keystone State with Backpack or Carl Weathers.

carl weathers all day

StephenYoung 03/10/12 09:50 AM

TWY is changing up their set every little bit. But I hope Ottawa gets that set. Nearly perfect.

treyj1234 03/10/12 09:52 AM

Wish I was going Monday, but I waited too long on tickets.

Still tempted to drop $45 on Stubhub. I've wanted to see TWY live for years!

Brandonmorrill 03/10/12 09:54 AM

So excited for Transit and The Wonder Years setlists. But, if they play anything from Get Stoked On It, it should be Bout To Get Fruit Punched, Homie. Love that jam.

cwhit412 03/10/12 09:54 AM

Hope Transit keeps playing majority L&F songs.

ReklessJake 03/10/12 10:15 AM

Show last night was fucking awesome, but for some reason i feel like the setlist for TWY isnt right. I remember Soupy saying the wrong setlist was on the stage but i could have misheard what he said. Will converse with the group i went with and repost later