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Jason Tate 03/16/12 10:23 AM

Say Anything SXSW Set Streaming Live
Say Anything's SXSW set is streaming live right now.

irthesteve 03/16/12 10:24 AM


sound quality is so-so, looks fun though

broaddplease 03/16/12 10:26 AM

just my luck! also, still not over the fact that sisky is in this band..

tttygxlove 03/16/12 10:27 AM

This is just what I needed this morning. I think the set is almost over though, I should have seen this earlier... gosh darnit

thesinkingship 03/16/12 10:31 AM

God dammit

Calvin Lauber 03/16/12 10:34 AM

Literally got about 20 seconds of Spider Song. Dangit. haha

Evan123 03/16/12 10:34 AM

Turned it on as they were taking the amps off stage... awesome.

Eostre 03/16/12 10:34 AM

Church Channel, Every Man Has A Molly and Spidersong in the set today.

Very niiiice.

bobcatbob18 03/16/12 11:15 AM

Anyone got a setlist? Bueller?

trojanick 03/16/12 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by bobcatbob18 (Post 104852872)
Anyone got a setlist? Bueller?

Hate Everyone
Burn A Miracle
Say Anything (Max said this song is named after our band: Chumbawumba)
Every Man Has a Molly
The Church Channel
Alice With The Glory of Love


CharlieFoti 03/16/12 11:55 AM

i submitted this -_-

alexalexalex 03/16/12 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by CharlieFoti (Post 104855162)
i submitted this -_-

How super cool of you

CharlieFoti 03/16/12 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by alexalexalex (Post 104864072)
How super cool of you


rob_mylo 03/17/12 03:05 AM

I was at this.. so fun! Never seen SA before until today and I got to see 'em twice. My life is complete

gurrentzy321 03/17/12 05:46 AM

I should have gotten up for this. The venue is a 15 minute walk from my condo, but I accidentally slept through it. I wound up seeing a few songs of their songs at the Equal Vision showcase though.