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Jason Tate 03/22/12 02:08 PM

Daytrader Album Information + New Song Stream
Daytrader will release Twelve Years, their debut full length, on May 8th, 2012. The album was recorded with Mike Sapone, and will be released via Rise Records. You can check out the artwork and the first song released, in the replies.

Track Listing
1. deadfriends
2. If you need it
3. Firebreather
4. Skin & bones
5. Lost between the coasts
6. After-image
7. Struggle with me
8. Silver graves
9. Heard it in a song
10. Letter to a former lover

Jason Tate 03/22/12 02:08 PM

Zack Zarrillo 03/22/12 02:11 PM

Whoa. Literally sat up in my chair after the initial chord on the song. Production is ridiculous

Axlfro 03/22/12 02:12 PM

For cutting the record in the time they did, production sounds amazing.

aldelpriore 03/22/12 02:14 PM

The song they release is Firebreather.... they've been playing this live for like two years. Wish it was a different song. But stoked nonetheless.

hiya 03/22/12 02:15 PM


but seriously, I think Daytrader is the best band to come out of the LI area in a long time. hope this album gets them lots of attention.

thatwasamoment 03/22/12 02:16 PM

take my money please

Audiohawk 03/22/12 02:17 PM

that album cover is glorious

Tilde 03/22/12 02:17 PM

Pumped for this

Zack Zarrillo 03/22/12 02:18 PM

Best production on a song I've heard all year

tstick18 03/22/12 02:18 PM

Sounds good. Excited to see them again at Bledfest.

ESundy36 03/22/12 02:18 PM

Love the track, love the artwork. Lots of love all around for this.

SomedayTheFire 03/22/12 02:18 PM

That was amazing... until the singing started.

Holly HoX! 03/22/12 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by zack-182 (Post 105148742)
Best production on a song I've heard all year

Pff what?! LOL

skibby15 03/22/12 02:21 PM

need to check this out