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Lueda Alia 03/22/12 06:50 PM

Blog: AP.net Community 2012
I didn't feel it necessary to write a recap for SXSW at this point, but I wanted to take the time to thank the wonderful community of AP.net, and all of the friends I have made here over the years. They are what make our website so special, and they are the reason why, despite anxiety attacks, Adam and I got on stage at the AP party to thank all of them -- and all of you. So head over here to read my extremely mushy blog if you have some time to kill.
from the blogThere are certain aspects of the industry that are disheartening, but isn't that the case with every industry? In a perfect world, everyone would get the attention they deserve, and everyone would be treated fairly and equally. But that's not the case. And you know, maybe in a naive way, that's what inspires me to be a part of the industry: I want to make a difference, and it doesn't matter how small. I have put my support behind bands that I truly believe in for years, and I have campaigned and promoted them like I was a part of their project -- I've felt and breathed their music to the deepest extent one possibly can. It goes without saying that being able to support a living this way would be ideal, but I don't regret a single second I have spent helping anyone in this industry. Money is crucial, but it's not everything. I have had the pleasure to meet and befriend some amazing people along the way, people that I want to always have around.

Kyle Huntington 03/22/12 07:10 PM

Genuinely always love it when you write an extensive piece/blog/rant/article/feature like this. I remember your Elliott Smith post from a while back and it was so good. Need more.

Love and all is reciprocated as always. You know this.

Deth 03/22/12 07:13 PM

You rep music nobody has ever heard and usually most of it is not my style, but I still have massive respect that you are opening everyone's mind to these bands that who knows 5 years from now can really be a household name.

Jake Jenkins 03/22/12 07:28 PM

Love you and everything you do for this site Eda, you're a great person with an amazing path ahead of you and I can't think of anyone more deserving

Adam Pfleider 03/22/12 08:27 PM

I couldn't have gotten on stage without you girl.


schlotty 03/22/12 08:43 PM

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williek311 03/23/12 07:48 AM

You're welcome.

tymsnurmn04 03/23/12 03:21 PM