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Jason Tate 03/28/12 06:35 PM

Geology (mewithoutYou Side Project) Release New EP
Greg from mewithoutYou released a new Geology (his solo project) EP on bandcamp.

IceAge/HeatWave 03/28/12 08:53 PM

i dig his solo stuff pretty well, actually.

re7ard1337 03/28/12 09:27 PM

swell! i've always been a big fan. it sounds good so far.

ObjectsinMirror 03/29/12 06:38 AM

Gotta get this ASAP. I like it

jdr277 03/29/12 07:49 AM

Pretty good stuff.

Trauma Caspian 03/29/12 08:43 AM

Love it, been waiting for this for a while

Aperi Oculos 03/29/12 08:55 AM

the three birds ep and the s/t are great listens and this effort is no different.

kazuma_ootaro28 03/29/12 08:58 PM

Really enjoyed this.