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Jason Tate 03/30/12 09:58 AM

Hot Water Music Track Listing
Hot Water Music's new album Exister comes out on May 15th.

Track Listing
1. Mainline
2. Boy, You're Gonna Hurt Someone
3. State of Grace
4. Drown In It
5. Drag My Body
6. Safety
7. Exister
8. Wrong Way
9. Take No Prisoners
10. Pledge Wore Thin
11. No End Left In Sight
12. The Traps
13. Paid In Full

t00latef0rr0ses 03/30/12 10:01 AM

Cant wait for this. Song that was just released is fantastic and I am loving that album art.

crutchfield 03/30/12 10:01 AM

[quote=t00latef0rr0ses;105570912]Cant wait for this. Song that was just released is fantastic

Rob McWilliams 03/30/12 10:35 AM

Color me stoked.

TomAce 03/30/12 10:36 AM

gonna be great

Jaytothesyg 03/30/12 10:55 AM

Man, this is gonna be so good. So excited

birdman 03/30/12 11:01 AM

Love this band!

keepmeback 03/30/12 11:04 AM

Exciting times.

CluckyB 03/30/12 11:12 AM

Should be a pretty awesome way to kick off summer. New track is sooo good.

ACA 03/30/12 11:13 AM

Last time I saw them they played with Thursday and Paint it Black; they were amazing.

I can't imagine how much better, as musicians, they must be now. Chuck Ragan KILLED it this week.

PirateSkater182 03/30/12 11:33 AM

This is going to be my jam-a-lam.

signal to noise 03/30/12 12:30 PM

last track is featuring Eric B and Rakim. :-d

this album should be awesome.

mattisrawrock 03/30/12 12:31 PM

brandnewsheep 03/30/12 01:04 PM

Can't wait!!

Eurotrash Drock 03/30/12 01:38 PM

gonna be in my top 3 of the year for sure