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Jason Tate 04/03/12 09:41 AM

New Bonaventure Song (Former Holiday Parade)
Andy Albert of Holiday Parade has a new band called Bonaventure and a preview can be heard in the replies.

Submitted by forceunleashed

Jason Tate 04/03/12 09:42 AM

jusscali 04/03/12 09:53 AM

Break up?

ched zeppelin 04/03/12 10:10 AM

These shoes is class. Will always love Holiday Parade.

MJSchmidt 04/03/12 10:24 AM

Maybe I missed something a while ago, but I did not know HP were breaking up. Also, what did the other guy do besides fill in on bass for All Time Low? The music sounds pretty good as well.

crusaderr 04/03/12 10:42 AM

great band, look up "These Shoes" for the full song on youtube, so good... the new previews sound killer, have always loved Andy's voice and will deff be supporting this endeavor!

StepBackLetGo 04/03/12 01:55 PM

What happened to Holiday Parade? Did I miss something after False Alarms?

StepBackLetGo 04/03/12 01:56 PM

Nvm, from their Facebook, when asked if the band was no more: "Holiday Parade: Nope just on hold for the moment! Don't worry!"

forceunleashed 04/03/12 02:24 PM

If this guy can keep putting music out every year with this band and Holiday Parade, I'll be one happy guy. This dude can sing. They have a video coming out on the 16th as well. I wish this band nothing but success. Hope they dont wait long to release a full length.

geebee889 04/03/12 02:48 PM

I must listen to this when I get home from class!

XLT917 04/03/12 04:56 PM

Will support this dude in anything he does as long as he keeps singing and releasing music.

AndyHP 04/03/12 07:16 PM

Thanks for the positive responses guys. The other member Dan is formerly of Transition (vocals, for those who were wondering).

As far as HP goes, we are all pursuing our own things at the moment, but still get together and write/record/play shows on occasion. Michael actually makes a cameo in the EPK and upcoming video for 'I Dare You'. We will keep you all up to date with the HP stuff in the future as it comes, but as of right now Bonaventure is the main focus.

Thanks again for the kind words!

baton 04/04/12 03:08 AM

woah this is kind of great, I'm glad I found out about that band - sounds like a good pop rock record to come.. And that was a good introduction material.. If it wasn't for that voice i wouldn't even recognize Andy :) ..Cheers!

birtcho 04/04/12 05:19 AM

Holiday Parade would have to be the most underrated band in the world, ever

MondayMourning 04/05/12 07:11 AM

Sorta reminds me of Augustana, in a good way.