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Jason Tate 04/05/12 10:45 PM

Happy Birthday Max
Happy Birthday to Max Bemis.

t.web4 04/05/12 10:49 PM

He is a legend. Happy birthday Max!

stereokiller 04/05/12 10:50 PM

Chia like you shall grow!

GautamT 04/05/12 10:54 PM

Happy Birthday Max! have a good one

InfiniteArms 04/05/12 10:56 PM

Happy Birthday!!!

Ron57 04/05/12 10:57 PM

Let's hope you don't get death for your birthday or anything.

Grohl 04/05/12 10:58 PM

Happy birthday Max!

Grohl 04/05/12 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by Ron57 (Post 105935582)
Let's hope you don't get death for your birthday or anything.

But he wants it...in the worst way.

zephyrsong12345 04/05/12 11:00 PM

happy birthday! stoked to see you in a few weeks.

samsara 04/05/12 11:02 PM

Happy birthday to Max!!!

rawspinner 04/05/12 11:06 PM

Happy Birthday man, thanks for your music!

WhoSaidThat? 04/05/12 11:08 PM

Happy birthday.

randys950 04/05/12 11:13 PM

happy birthday mr. bemis.

rollerman4221 04/05/12 11:19 PM

what if his name was Max Penis? How awesome would that be?

syntax omitted 04/05/12 11:25 PM

Happy birthday, Max! Although I have somewhat grown out of your music, I still am fond of IARB and IDOTG. You are truly a great person and an inspiring figure in our scene!