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Jason Tate 04/06/12 11:45 PM

Every Blink 182 Song Mashed Up
Every Blink 182 song in a one minute mash-up? Why not? Don't have much else to post at midnight on a Friday. Check the replies.

Submitted by tbirdted

Jason Tate 04/06/12 11:46 PM

runningohfive 04/06/12 11:50 PM

Haha I just posted this on the blink thread. This is very cool anyway.

gr33ndayfr3ak 04/07/12 12:00 AM

I'm not sure that's every single song - but pretty cool regardless.

Baines on Toast 04/07/12 12:08 AM

Doesn't the title of the video say 'Every Blink-182 album in a minute'? Technically he only needs to do one song from each release if that's the case.

Cool video.

HarryPotter 04/07/12 12:24 AM

I don't know what that was.

guitarguy211 04/07/12 12:34 AM

Wow. Color me impressed.

trevorshmevor 04/07/12 12:52 AM

Huh, that was pretty cool! Neat idea.

luqmanhakim 04/07/12 12:58 AM

Loved the last 15 seconds.

Miketheunicycle 04/07/12 12:59 AM

and that's now been done

LetterBomb31 04/07/12 01:01 AM


Originally Posted by gr33ndayfr3ak (Post 105975682)
I'm not sure that's every single song - but pretty cool regardless.

Well obviously it's not. But the guy wasn't claiming to have played every song in one minute.

UnderclasHero 04/07/12 01:24 AM

no. just no

xderek182 04/07/12 01:58 AM

This is absolutely fantastic!

Acad08 04/07/12 01:59 AM

Ha! Nice.

So-Crates 04/07/12 04:01 AM

that was cool