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Christian Wagner 04/08/12 01:17 PM

Staff Recommendations: April 8th, 2012
It's the beginning of April and to me, that only means one thing - baseball. $10 beers, hot dogs, popcorn, and pretzels are prepped as we watch our beloved teams play their rigorous 162 game schedule to win the coveted World Series. My team of choice, the New York Yankees (hate on me all you want, I am a lifelong fan), are already 0-2. With that said, the onset of spring brings on warmer weather and a new year season of excellent music on the horizon. What has been on rotation for you so far this spring?
Christian WagnerThe Forecast has done it again. The Illinois-based rockers created another solid album to add to their deep category of music. Tracks like "Skyline" and "Way We Were" once again showcases the band's knack to write great rock songs without losing their flair and unique sound. An album that exceeded all of my expectations was The Used's Vulnerable. The band really let me down in previous efforts but seemed to have recaptured the magic from earlier works. Read Drew's review if you're still unsure about buying the record.

Jason TateBaseball? Blah, wake me when it's the playoffs. I've posted quite a few thoughts on recent albums in my blog. The new Neon Trees and Hot Water Music are dominating my playlist at the moment.

Dre OkorleyCancer Bats' new album, Dead Set on Living, has been blowing me away and has so many unexpected surprises. I caught the Enter Shikari/letlive. tour last week as well, so if you're looking for a high energy live show, hit this one up.

gr33ndayfr3ak 04/08/12 01:37 PM

I've actually been listening to lots of fall / winter type albums, despite the weather. Lots of Boards of Canada, The Early November, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the new Margot and the Nuclear So & So's album.

Fourchordwonder 04/08/12 01:38 PM

I cannot wait to hear that Forecast album.

Goat01 04/08/12 01:38 PM

The Forecast do nothing but make perfect music.

Baines on Toast 04/08/12 01:52 PM

Records wise, I've been listening to the new High on Fire, Rise and Fall and Unsane. Rotting Out's Street Prowl is on my playlist again too. Oh, and the new MewithoutYou track has increased my excitement for Ten Stories.

kazuma_ootaro28 04/08/12 02:32 PM

Really loving this song so much. Can't wait for their album.

Also recommend this promising new band, Morning Parade. Reminds me a lot of Paper Route.

_veges_ 04/08/12 03:10 PM

trojanick 04/08/12 03:22 PM

Boo Yankees. Go Blue Jays!

iAMhollyood315 04/08/12 03:49 PM

Been into ETID stick to your Guns and then some older stuff like hit thr lights and cartel. Which I saw both last night. So much fun.

Ps. Go Red Sox!

StepsInADance 04/08/12 03:50 PM

Also super hyped about winning a copy of this autographed on ebay.

anamericangod 04/08/12 04:32 PM

The Forecast record is so damn good.

uglystar03 04/08/12 04:41 PM

Looking forward to the new Forecast album. I know I'm going to love it!

cwhit412 04/08/12 05:06 PM

The Forecast's record is so good. gotta do my review this week. "Take Me Down" is just an incredible track.

InfiniteArms 04/08/12 05:08 PM

I Like Trains - The Shallows

Here's the lead single "Mnemosyne" for anyone who hasn't heard this band before:

InaGreendase 04/08/12 05:57 PM

I recommend the Mets stay in first place. :-p


Souvenirs - Sadder Days EP