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Jason Gardner 04/12/12 09:53 AM

DNF Announce Release Date
DNF, a hardcore group that features members of Trash Talk and Touche Amore, will release their debut 7" EP Hurt on April 17 through a split release on High Anxiety and No Idea Records. It is the band's first vinyl offering. Check out a couple of the songs on DNF's bandcamp. You can order it here.

mynameisgeneric 04/12/12 09:54 AM

Well shit.

Alex DiVincenzo 04/12/12 10:06 AM

EP is pretty good.

Jason Gardner 04/12/12 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 106234942)
EP is pretty good.


flask 04/12/12 10:27 AM

Didn't think I'd see this band covered on here.

ParkAvenue 04/12/12 11:35 AM

Holy shit! I didn't know the dudes in TA and Trash Talk were collaborating. The songs on their bandcamp fucking rip!

xxxxxxxxxxxmatt 04/12/12 11:39 AM

Hah wow this is awesome

circletheworld 04/12/12 12:16 PM

my god, this is awesome.

InaGreendase 04/12/12 12:21 PM

Sounds like old Ceremony. Co-worker agrees. Maybe a little Charles Bronson. These are good things.

signal to noise 04/12/12 02:30 PM

Touche Amore/DNF/Deadhead/Wife tour 2k12. Make it happen.

From: Skulls 04/12/12 03:14 PM

Duke Nukem Forever. Bands been around a while. Guess they're shortening their name.

Sam DeBurns Red 04/12/12 07:49 PM