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Jason Tate 04/14/12 05:00 AM

What Was Popular on AP.net Last Week?
Did you miss any of the hot topics around the website last week? Here's the recap.

Popular News Articles
1) Nick Steinborn of The Wonder Years Releases Solo EP
2) Green Day Releasing Massive Three Album Trilogy
3) Courtney Love Alleges Dave Grohl Tried to Seduce Kurt Cobain's Daughter
4) Twitter Convos Between Bands > Day Time Television
5) Lollapalooza Line-Up Leaks?
6) AP.net Chat: Hopeless Records
7) Frances Bean Cobain Responds
8) Blink 182's TOYPAJ Vinyl Canceled By ShopRadioCast
9) Axl Rose Declines Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
10) Who Would You Sign To Your Fake Record Label?

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6) Facebook warning public comment could be removed if irrelevant or inappropriate
7) 4-Year Old Producer Kills It
8) Best movies to watch stoned?
9) Badbadnotgood - Bbng2
10) Last.fm - 04/01 - 04/07

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8) What makes you an asshole?
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10) When to tell someone how you feel

Check out all the forums here - there's always good discussions going on.

xHoodieWeather 04/14/12 05:50 AM

And Nicky takes the first spot! Fuck yes, mission accomplished.

DCART 04/14/12 08:28 AM

fuck based god. its steingod now.

cwhit412 04/14/12 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by xHoodieWeather (Post 106330222)
And Nicky takes the first spot! Fuck yes, mission accomplished.

I take some credit for that.

xHoodieWeather 04/14/12 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by DCarty61 (Post 106332192)
fuck based god. its steingod now.

thought it was steinbro?

nicksteinborn 04/14/12 08:34 PM

Suck it, "real" news.

Jason Tate 04/14/12 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by nicksteinborn (Post 106358592)
Suck it, "real" news.

Hahaha. Amazing.