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Jack Appleby 04/16/12 08:28 AM

I The Mighty - Karma Never Sleeps
I The Mighty - Karma Never Sleeps
Record Label: Equal Vision
Release Date: March27th, 2012

When I’m passionate about a band, no one within earshot is safe. I rant and rave uncontrollably as I spread the good word, not resting until I have force fed the music onto every ear around. With the new I The Mighty EP as ammunition, I took aim at the world, only to find it wouldn’t take much coaxing – pretty much everyone loved the band.

And what’s not to love? The six songs comprising Karma Never Sleeps are all fantastic. It’s technical, it’s accessible, it covers multiple genres, and it’s catchy. Take their first single “Cutting Room Floor” for a spin and you’ll understand the appeal right away. That guitar backing the verses is mathy as could be, but tightly structured in a scene-friendly way, leading to a huge chorus. It’s those musical smarts that will make this record a favorite for everyone.

I’d venture to say as great as that song is, the others are even stronger. There’s no reason for new listeners to skip around the EP when opener “The Dreamer” is such a great introduction to the sound. More strong songwriting filled with off-kilter riffs that culminate in a unique and lovable chorus. Vocalist/guitarist Brent Walsh is a natural at his trade, painting lyrical pictures while crafting intricate melodies all throughout the 23 minutes of Karma Never Sleeps. Whether he’s commenting on San Francisco’s homeless population in “These Streets Are Alive” or providing the third part of a saga in “The Frame III: Sirocco,” Walsh is poetic and relatable in a way sure to send this band sky high.

All this praise and I haven’t even addressed my two favorite tracks. “Dancing On A Tightrope” is just full of win – there’s not a thing I would change about the single. The chorus’ construction is fascinating, dropping back to that melodic guitar before exploding into the album’s highlight moment. You have to hand it to Erik Ron, who really knocked it out of the park on the production; the particulars are what perfected the sound, such as that aforementioned chorus’ bass line. That same attention to detail makes the album’s second highlight, the outro to “Escalators” (and really the entire track). The most aggressive guitar on the EP leads into a great use of gang vocals, saving the biggest burst of energy for the finale. The band’s mastery of subtlety is the secret sauce, utilizing screams gang vocals, and dual vocals sparingly for extra detail rather than emphasis.

Karma Never Sleeps is just a winner in every way. Look for I The Mighty to rapidly become a focal point of the scene and a headliner worth supporting.

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mattisrawrock 04/16/12 08:45 AM

Really really like this e.p. quite a bit

I think the score for the lyrics were a little too high though...

fuldanips 04/16/12 08:47 AM

This band is just too good...I'm curious to see how they'll fare with a full length. The bridges in Dancing On A Tightrope and These Streets Are Alive get me every time.

t00latef0rr0ses 04/16/12 08:52 AM

This review is full of factual information. This EP is sex.

himynameisjm 04/16/12 10:03 AM

great review. this ep definitely will grow on the world :)

LightSky182 04/16/12 10:08 AM

does anyone know if the lyrics to These Streets Are Alive reference tripping balls? But freaking great EP.

_><_ 04/16/12 10:12 AM

I really don't want to be "that guy", but the score is distractingly high.

Mattylikesfilms 04/16/12 10:15 AM

Great EP. I can't wait to see what a full length will sound like from these guys!

Mattylikesfilms 04/16/12 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by t00latef0rr0ses (Post 106420022)
This review is full of factual information. This EP is sex.

Best comment in thread.

Protested Hero 04/16/12 11:59 AM

I love the hell out of this EP. So good.

Quijiba 04/16/12 12:42 PM

really great ep.

Archael 04/16/12 05:16 PM

I thought this was more of a 7.5/10 but great review nonetheless. :)

I plan on relistening to this soon.

Jack Appleby 04/16/12 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by LightSky182 (Post 106423512)
does anyone know if the lyrics to These Streets Are Alive reference tripping balls? But freaking great EP.

From their track by track here:

"One of my favorite tracks on the record. This song is inspired by living in the Bay Area and witnessing the homeless population, especially in San Francisco. The song is written through the eyes of a homeless man on the streets of San Francisco who seems to be content with the life he chose. He begs for money by day, to use on his drug of choice by night. Though eventually, he realizes the life he chose is not as fulfilling as it had once been and he dreams the American dream. You get out of life what you put in..."

Dude can sure write a song.

Jack Appleby 04/16/12 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by _><_ (Post 106423742)
I really don't want to be "that guy", but the score is distractingly high.


Originally Posted by Archael (Post 106446262)
I thought this was more of a 7.5/10 but great review nonetheless. :)
I plan on relistening to this soon.

I can totally appreciate the sentiment here. Besides the fact that I just think it's absolutely fantastic, what catapulted it from good score to absurdly high score was how it's stuck with me, and how I think it can greatly affect what type of music is trending at the moment.

I have had this EP since the beginning of November. Six months later, I still play it from cover to cover almost daily. It's only six songs, but there's so much to process and appreciate. Listening and analyzing the production alone is a highly rewarding experience. The song structuring is interesting in its own right, like the chorus I mention in "Dancing on a Tightrope" or the verses of "The Dreamer." That's all before mentioning the vocal melody and lyrics, which deserve acute attention as well.

I'm hopeful that this style will be what overtakes Pop-Punk as the scene genre of choice. Bands that can combine the catchiness with prog-influence (how did I not mention prog in my review) will hopefully be the next big thing. I think the return of ATDI & new Circa in the future will help that. Bands like ITM, Happy Body Slow Brain, Culprit, The Paper Melody (RIP), Closure In Moscow, and others have a lot to offer. That's not to say my wishes affected my scoring; I just love this style of music more than anything.The one sound that I do see expanding and overtaking these type of bands are The Wave bands, like La Dispute, Balance & Composure, Sainthood Reps, Make do & Mend, etc. I'm cool with those tunes as well, so that wouldn't be half bad.

Hopefully that makes what seems like a tremendous score make more sense.

Travbag 04/16/12 06:35 PM

Jack likes adjectives as much as he likes ITM.