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Thomas Nassiff 04/17/12 07:53 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive & Too Long; Do Read: The Wonder Years / Stay Ahead of the Weather
Today we are excitedly teaming up with our friends in The Wonder Years and Stay Ahead of the Weather, along with Hopeless Records, to bring you a stream of the Punk Is Dead. Get A Job. split, which comes out April 24. You can listen to the songs and check out our Too Long; Do Read cover article for April right here. If You Get A Chance To Win, Take It traces how The Wonder Years have grown steadily from the release of The Upsides to their first "big-boy headliner" on this year's GK Tour. It also gets into important stuff like haircuts and tattoos. Leave your thoughts on the article and the new songs in the replies.
In fact, that growth has led to a point in time where there is another movement among the band’s older fans. They’ve reached the point that many bands reach where getting called sell-outs and being criticized for their popularity is commonplace. Signing to Hopeless Records? Sell-outs. A t-shirt in Hot Topic? Who are you, Nickelback? Having a driver on a tour? Lazy bums. The Wonder Years are no longer just your band – that band you told your best friends about but never wanted to tell everyone about. You didn’t need to tell everyone…they already found out for themselves.

Campbell puts it into perspective more eloquently than most. “A lot of times when a band gets to a level of popularity and you start to see that fucking kid you hated in high school wearing their T-shirt, kids are like, ‘But no, that’s my ba – oh fuck it, fuck this band,’” Campbell says. “And I can’t blame them, I did it too.”

Just another piece of the progress.

Thomas Nassiff 04/17/12 07:54 AM

The Wonder Years - Me Vs. The Highway

Stay Ahead of The Weather - No Money, Mo Problems

NEVERGIVEUP 04/17/12 07:57 AM

Great Odin's Raven....

zachff 04/17/12 07:58 AM

Well this is a pleasant surprise.

Edit: Car crash dreams? Long live the car crash hearts.

Thomas Nassiff 04/17/12 07:59 AM

Everyone listen to that bridge in the TWY song and lose it. That SAOTW song is the best SAOTW song so far. Great split.

jackozord 04/17/12 08:01 AM

Woah. Some seriously different stuff in that TWY track. But that's progress, and I enjoy that.

coheedstorm 04/17/12 08:01 AM

Definitely in my top 5 TWY tunes ever.

StephenYoung 04/17/12 08:02 AM

omgomgomgomg shut up everyone and let me listen to this.

esposimi 04/17/12 08:03 AM

I bet the site crashes.

CheckeredFloors 04/17/12 08:04 AM

Swingin' dat dick.

KenneyBN 04/17/12 08:05 AM

I need to hear this but alas I am on mobile.

bituin01 04/17/12 08:05 AM

I love that these feature articles have become a thing now. Great read, as always.

Drew Beringer 04/17/12 08:06 AM

anyone who ordered more than 1 of this 7 inch split want to sell me one?

francescaa 04/17/12 08:06 AM

Two really great songs there. I'd actually not heard of Stay Ahead of The Weather before but I want to hear more from them for sure. The article is really great too! Insane to see how far TWY have come in a pretty short space of time. I always appreciate what this band have to say, they've always been so down to earth and clearly know how it feels to be a fan too.

Drew Beringer 04/17/12 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by esposimi (Post 106473392)
I bet the site crashes.

doubt it