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Dre Okorley 04/19/12 04:20 PM

New Code Orange Kids Video
Watch the Code Orange Kids video for "My Body is a Well" from their upcoming split with Full of Hell in the replies. We will be streaming the album on Monday.

Dre Okorley 04/19/12 04:20 PM

I am Mick 04/19/12 04:24 PM

So intense. Stoked to play with them in a couple weeks

Andy Young 04/19/12 04:30 PM

The vocals take a little getting used to but damn are they good.

Ryan Dennehy 04/19/12 05:55 PM

Really cool that this got written about on NPR too. Can't wait to hear the stream.

circletheworld 04/19/12 06:09 PM

holy shit that was awesome

Charles777 04/19/12 06:12 PM

So cool to see this band getting attention. I remember being at their second show years ago.

jonayy 04/19/12 07:16 PM

I don't understand the hype around this band. Hardcore kids normally get mad about screamo vocals and shit but everyone loves them.

Crimson_Curse 04/19/12 07:23 PM


msulliv7 04/19/12 09:03 PM

I really wish I could get into this because they are breaking the paradigm of hardcore bands being male dominated, but the death growls are juvenile.

Sam DeBurns Red 04/19/12 09:05 PM

Really pumped to view these dudes and chick live and in concert with TA and Defeater, they're the real deal.

DylanPPPP 04/19/12 09:46 PM

This band is fucking insane. Definitely recommend seeing them.

kcpunk 04/19/12 10:11 PM


nicksteinborn 04/19/12 11:31 PM

I mastered this split. Both these bands seriously fucking rule.

turncoat93 04/19/12 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by nicksteinborn (Post 106664492)
I mastered this split. Both these bands seriously fucking rule.

thanks for doing that bud! will give u a shirt if you want it if we ever cross paths!