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staygold 04/20/12 08:36 PM

this is one of my all time fav albums, so good

Deth 04/20/12 08:58 PM

Sounds like shit...I prefer the original.

gjpinizz 04/20/12 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Deth (Post 106704902)
Sounds like shit...I prefer the original.


dave900 04/21/12 05:17 AM

Look how much the crowd loves GSOI material

upsides release show in chalfont PA.SICK SHOW!

simplejack 04/21/12 07:38 AM

With this quality I might give the album a chance.

poppunkwayo 04/21/12 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by lordchamberlain (Post 106680212)
the three songs mentioned in the original post have been available since january 2010, if not earlier. hearing the remastered riff leading into keystone state dude-core (and the drums in "what if we [swam] into nothing?") gave me an instaboner. the two-year cock-tease is over, thank goodness.

yeah seriously, they've been out for SO long now.