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Jason Tate 04/21/12 05:00 AM

What Was Popular on AP.net Last Week?
Did you miss any of the hot topics around the website last week? Here's the recap.

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4) IsAnyoneUp ... Closes Its Doors
5) ABSOLUTExclusive: For Today
6) Motion City Soundtrack Release New Single
7) ABSOLUTExclusive: The Swellers - "Inside My Head" Video Premiere
8) The Dangerous Summer Missing First Show of UK Tour
9) Thursday Discussion: Three Musical Moments That Changed My Life
10) Linkin Park Announce New Album + Single

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7) The Fauns (2012)
8) Musical Timeline - Mixtape
9) Swear and Shake - Maple Ridge (2012)
10) Three ways your parents piss you off

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3) LOL Starring Miley Cyrus (Who the fuck cares, 2012)
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5) Pottermore (Official Thread)
6) Favorite DOS Games
7) Magic Mike (Stephen Soderbergh, 2012)
8) bloons tower defense 5
9) Random Entertainment Poll: 4/20/2012
10) I need help with Ayn Rand's We The Living

Popular Political Forum Threads
1) Marxists Debate White Privilege Theory

Popular Music Forum Threads
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2) we're all gonna name the saddest album we know
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4) Ghostachella
5) Oceana Launch Kickstarter
6) Now Let's Name the Happiest Album We Know
7) Songs you always thought were by another artist.
8) ONE NINE NINE FOUR. (Full documentary on youtube!)
9) Bands selling out of their CDs
10) Poor Mans mewithoutYou

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10) Procrastin...

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