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Broden Terry 04/24/12 12:28 AM

Cat Power Announces Album Details
Cat Power has announced that her upcoming studio full-length is to be titled Sun, and it will be released on September 10th via Matador Records.

Broden Terry 04/24/12 12:35 AM

Her albums are wonderful, so I'm really excited at the prospect of hearing this come September.

carcrashofahart 04/24/12 12:45 AM

yea, we'll see if it gets pushed or not.

Jeff_Ryan 04/24/12 04:07 AM

Will be good. Glad it's not a covers album!

JinxRemoving 04/24/12 06:01 AM

Yay! Finally.

Shatter_Glass 04/24/12 07:06 AM

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Been jamming The Greatest all weekend with anticipation!

StepsInADance 04/24/12 08:21 AM

Haven't enjoyed any of her recent material but I'll check this out anyways.

schmohawk 04/24/12 10:38 AM