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Alex DiVincenzo 04/25/12 07:39 AM

Deftones + Isis = Palms
Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and former Isis members Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide have formed a new band called Palms. Their debut album will be released later this year on Ipecac Recordings.

TwelveTribes230 04/25/12 07:45 AM

Should be amazing

InaGreendase 04/25/12 07:46 AM

Already sounds awesome.

Dustin Harkins 04/25/12 07:46 AM

Chino Moreno makes too many projects, yet they're all good.

live4music 04/25/12 07:47 AM

Duuude! Where's a source?

carlosonthedrums 04/25/12 07:50 AM


Alex DiVincenzo 04/25/12 07:50 AM


Originally Posted by live4music (Post 106926732)
Duuude! Where's a source?

Received a press release. Couldn't find a Facebook or anything for the band yet though.

aradiantsunrise 04/25/12 07:53 AM

I can get down with this.

cwhit412 04/25/12 07:53 AM

This sounds awesome. Not even a big Chino fan, but hearing him over post-metal instrumentation...gorgeous.

xsinkshipsx 04/25/12 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by Simulcast (Post 106927082)
I hope after this Aaron Turner gets jealous, ISIS reforms, and then they tour with Deftones.


jasonisasleep 04/25/12 08:01 AM

holy crap, awesome

brook183 04/25/12 08:02 AM

Steve Alcala 04/25/12 08:11 AM

Sounds awesome but I hope this doesn't interfere with his other projects but most importantly Deftones

CoheedForever 04/25/12 08:15 AM

Should be awesome.

creativemind 04/25/12 08:19 AM

Reminds me of Audioslave