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Ryan Gardner 04/26/12 07:55 AM

Write This Down To Release Lost Weekend
Write This Down will release their sophomore record, Lost Weekend, June 5th via Tooth & Nail Records. Hear a new single called "Crash and Burn" here, and hit the replies for the official press release and tour dates.

Ryan Gardner 04/26/12 07:55 AM

Press ReleaseApril 25, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Heralded as one of the most compelling, intense and original acts in the hard rock stratosphere, Write This Down are expected to explode onto the scene with one of the hardest hitting albums of this year, Lost Weekend, due out June 5 on Tooth & Nail Records. Fans are invited to pre-order Lost Weekend now at http://writethisdown.merchmo.com/ and catch Write This Down on “The Lost Weekend Tour” happening June 23-July 11 with Children 18:3, Red Morning Voyage and Harp & Lyre.

Listen to the first new track, “Crash and Burn,” from Lost Weekend on Noisecreep.com: http://www.noisecreep.com/2012/04/25...and-burn-song/

Hailing from Minneapolis, Johnny Collier (vocals), Chad Nichols (drums), Nate Rockwell (guitar) and Nick Lombardo (bass) released their debut self-titled album in 2010 and quickly found themselves honing their ferocious craft on the road with bands like Blindside, Project 86, Disciple and The Letter Black, exponentially upping their artistic ante and ambitious songwriting style along the way.

The experience from touring, a new focus on sound and a determination to find out their true potential led Write This Down into the studio in 2012 to write and record their best material yet.

“There’s a huge difference between our two albums, starting with the fact that the first disc was just all over the map and we were still trying to find our identity,” recalls Collier. “With this one, we sat down and consciously decided to have me sing a bit grittier and not so clean, plus we’ve always loved having dual vocals. That turned into me doing a lot of the screaming and [guitarist] Nate [Rockwell] doing the choruses with me singing along. We found our formula on how to work and build our sound, which led to this album having a true identity.”

As it turns out Write This Down’s identity is HEAVY!! Lost Weekend is an explosive collection of songs featuring intricate vocal interplay, massive riffs and towering percussion, thanks in part to production from Pete Stewart, the legendary lead singer/guitarist for alternative rock pioneers Grammatrain. In other words, the project should have no problem falling in line with a diverse influence pool that includes rhythmic heavyweights like Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters and Korn, the dueling vocals of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, crossed with even the pop/punk stylings of Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy.

And while the band might easily be associated with the likes of the above, their sound and style remains all their own. Amongst Lost Weekend’s raging riffs on tracks like “Crash and Burn,” “See Ya Never,” and “I’ll Make You Famous” Write This Down lyrically inject positive messages in their music that listeners can relate to and which further separates them from the pack.

In the current musical landscape dominated by artificially flavored pop, Write This Down emerge, staying true to their values, their dedicated commitment to their fans and standing tall for heavy rock with one of the hardest hitting albums you’ll hear this year, Lost Weekend.

Tour DatesJune 9 - Garner, IA - Bash On The Farm
July 6 - Marietta, IL - Cornerstone Festival
July 11 - Oshkosh, WI - Lifest/Sunnyview Fairgrounds
Aug 3 - Gilford, NH - Soulfest
Aug 8 - Williamsville, NY - Darien Lake Theme Park Resort
Sept 1 - Plymouth, CA - Joshua Fest

killbrand.com 04/26/12 08:07 AM

This sounds...awful.

all time (joe) 04/26/12 08:32 AM

wow, this band is still around? their last release was like 3 years ago and there were songs on that album that were rerecordings from their eps which are about 6 or 7 years old too. weird.

seventwenty3 04/26/12 08:34 AM

Tooth and Nail continues their decent into hell.

moneymaker. 04/26/12 08:37 AM

its a decent song, kinda like it.

ClintMontgomery 04/26/12 08:46 AM

The lyrics and those high screams in the bridge or whatever suck, but I like the other parts of the song.

simplejack 04/26/12 09:02 AM

that honestly sounded like Sum 41, in the style of the last album.

cwhit412 04/26/12 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by seventwenty3 (Post 106989522)
Tooth and Nail continues their decent into hell.

Such irony.

jasonisasleep 04/26/12 09:40 AM

like the last album a lot, this song is not bad, but hopefully the rest of the album is better

cubs223425 04/26/12 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by all time (joe) (Post 106989402)
wow, this band is still around? their last release was like 3 years ago and there were songs on that album that were rerecordings from their eps which are about 6 or 7 years old too. weird.

Their first album was out in April 2010, and bands are frequently on a 2-year album cycle.

cubs223425 04/26/12 10:13 AM

Wow, I don't know what's going on with that song. Like was said, those screams were terrible, which is weird, because they sound the same as on the last album, which I liked. They shouldn't have those screams going on in this song--they just don't fit the style.

I loved the intro, and the singing that followed, but the chorus and lyrics are pretty crappy. I'm really disappointed and hope it gets better from here...a LOT better.

This sucks, because I was so excited when I saw this posting because I've been waiting for it, and it sucked.

cubs223425 04/26/12 10:16 AM

Oh, to wrap up posting on this, what is Children 18:3 doing touring with these bands? I mean, we're talking about this:

touring with this:

PetitnaindesĪles 04/26/12 10:40 AM

Sum 41 ?

agl 04/26/12 10:46 AM

I might be in the minority on this, but I'm really looking forward to this album. I've always liked this band, even when they were nobodies, I saw them going places. Within the christian rock genre, which has notably suffered from a lack of creativity, they actually stand out to me.

Edit: Not impressed with the premiere track though, admittedly. They can do better than that.