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Jon Wark 10/13/03 05:35 PM

Early November, The - 10.13.03
October 13th, 2003

Ace from the Early November called me today for this interview, and he was a cool dude. At the end of this interview they were going on stage minutes later, so I thank Ace for doing this interview, because it's scary to talk to ANYONE before you take the stage. Check it out, buy their new record "The Room's Too Cold", and go see them live when they do their headlining tour in November.

Wark: Where are you today?

We are in Pennsylvania, not really sure where, all I know is weíre in Pennsylvania.

Wark: What did you have for breakfast?

I had a number 6 from Wendyís. A Spicy Chicken sandwich, with cheese. With Sweet and Sour sauce to dip.

Wark: And to drink?

I had a Lemonade!

Wark: What inspired you to start playing guitar?

I wanted to play guitar, I donít know, there was just an acoustic guitar in my basement, from my step dad. He was in cover bands that played bowling alleys every week. He was a drummer, he didnít really play guitar, but he had an acoustic, and it was just sitting there, and thatís pretty much how it happened.

Wark: What is the concept behind ďThe Roomís too coldĒ?

The conceptÖ the best way I can explain the CD. Everyday life. It has a lot to do with disappointment. Thereís no real concept, itís just like about things that happen everyday. Itís just me expressing. It was a weird time for me, I wrote this CD all around the same time. You know? In life it seems like everything is attacking all at once, thatís the best way I can describe it.

Wark: Overall, what inspired your lyrics for this record?

Lyrics, I guess it was a lot of things really. You have your relationships, and everything. I got inspiration from everything that would happen. Thereís so much good, but thereís also so much bad. Normal stuff, normal everyday things.

Wark: If there were anything you could change on the record, what would it be?

Thereís always a few things here and there that you know you could do better. Iím really happy with the way that the record came out. Nothing really. Our main goal was to make everything sound really raw and really real. We recorded to tape. We recorded to analogs, I mean we didnít use pro tools at allÖwe used pro tools a little bit for the mix down, we didnít mess with anything else. We didnít use pitch bender, or anything like that. Strictly we wanted to keep it all real. Itís tough to rely on just yourself. Making music sound a certain way. Itís easy to just go on a computer, and you can basically do anything.

Wark: Was it hard to work with Chris?

Working with Chris, with the relationship me and Chris have, I tell him what I like, I tell him what sound Iím going for, and he says Okay, and he just tries to help out with that. Thereís no butting-heads. He doesnít ďproduce produceĒ; I produced the CD he just like helped it get there, whatever we needed, like things I didnít know how to do, he helped us out, like he was very easy to work with.

Wark: Howís the tour been? Who are you sharing a bus with on this Drive Thru invasion tour?

Weíre sharing a bus with Home Grown on this tour. I canít wait to get back in the van. Itís a little tough, but you get through it. Weíre all friends so we all understand.

Wark: What do you do in your free time on the bus?

We usually gamble a lot. A lot of Texas Hold ĎEm. A lot of Poker. Iíve been writing songs for an acoustic project that Iím doing when we get home, and thatís basically all. Texas Hold ĎEm, and watch some movies every once in a while.

Wark: What are your favorite movies?

Iíd say Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies. Better Off Dead, of course! Weíve been watching A River runs through it, with Brad Pitt. Thatís a great movie! Weíve watched Forrest Gump like 100 times on this tour. We watched Better Off Dead four times in a row in one day. Thatís basically all we watch on this tour, because we donít have many movies. Anything with Jack Black also! Our drummer has been gaining weight, and growing a beard so heís got the Jack Black impressions down, like he wants to be Jack Black. So he used to be a skinny little kid, and now heís gaining weight, and growing a beard and growing his hair. Heís starting to look like him. And he sounds exactly like him, you canít even talk to him serious anymore. You talk to him and heíll just do him Jack Black all day long. Thatís who he wants to be.

Wark: Awesome, that guy sounds cool. How many songs are you recording for your acoustic project?

Iím only going in for 2 weeks, so Iím only gonna record like 12 songs. There will be 10 songs on the CD. As soon as I get done recording, we go on our first headlining tour. Weíre taking out Count The Stars, Copeland, and Hidden In Plain View. Then after the headlining tour, which ends December 16th, weíre going to Europe with Home Grown. It should be fun.

Wark: What records are you currently listening to?

Definitely Copeland, and the new Saves The Day! Itís so good! I listen to Damien Rice all the time. Of course my favorite records of all time are Clarity (Jimmy Eat World), and Four Minute Mile (Get Up Kids). Those CDs never leave my CD player. Also ďÖorange rhyming dictionaryĒ by Jets To Brazil.

Wark: Do you ever read books?

No, Iíve never finished a book in my life. I was really bad in school, I canít really read very well. Iím the kid in class that stutters the whole time, when Iím called on to read, but the teacher still made me read.

Wark: Whatís the Drive Thru tour been like?

Itís really like a family, it really is. Everybody hangs out with each other all the time weíre always on each otherís buses. Itís weird, because I wasnít sure how it was going to be coming into it, but itís like a huge family. Weíre together all the time. Itís cool. Iíll be really sad when the tourís over, because weíve made a lot of friendships here. I canít wait for this tour to end though, Iím tired of being in a bus, and I wanna go back to the van. When we can get hotels everyday and shower. I wanna play a new set too!

Wark: Any cool tour stories?

Well, the other day I got knocked out by Serg on stage. He was spinning around really fast and swung his bass and smashed me right in the head. I was out cold on stage. It was during the third song. They took me to the hospital, and that was that. Kenny from The Starting Line and Buddy from Senses Fail came out and played Every Nightís Another Story. They played one more song in the set for us. Buddy sang and Kenny played guitar. Itís been a very hard and tiring tour. Last night, Jeff forgot the end we play on Every Nightís Another StoryÖ For the past two years weíve played it last at every single show. Weíre playing it and Jeff forgets to go to the end of the song, and nothing happens, and we all just stopped. It was the most ridiculous ending of a song Iíve ever heard. We all stared at each other for at least a minute, and then we went back into the song. It was funny.

Wark: What turns you on?

Sergio Anello, Iíd have to say.

Wark: What turns you off?

Sergio Anello, Iíd have to say.

Wark: If heaven exists, what you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Wow, uh letís see. I donít really know, I donít know how to answer that question because Iíd try to be funny, but Iím not funny so it wonít work out good! Just roll with uh ďYo!Ē Thatís good. Iím a boring, lame guy. Hereís what you get out of me. Haha.

Wark: Anything you wanna say to the kids reading this?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the interview! Thank you so much for listening to a song from the band or anything. Thank you very much for supporting us.



YearsGoneBy 10/13/03 06:00 PM

i dont know...theres something about this band that i love

mollyawesome 10/13/03 06:11 PM

the new cd is incredible. and i think i'm gonna call him artie from now on.

myfirststereo 10/13/03 06:46 PM

I love these guys, they grew on me. I saw them on their last tour with Count the Stars and they didn't really get my attention that much because there wasn't much energy to thrive off of in the crowd but they played their music just as it sounded on the CD. I bought both the acoustic and electric EP though and they were real nice guys, brough it home and listened and really have grown to like the band a whole lot and I think the new CD is definitely awesome and I hope I can see them on tour with CTS again this fall.

Guy 10/13/03 07:13 PM

What a fucktard. The Jets to Brazil album is called "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" not "driving dictionary". Whoever made that mistake should be shot, drawn, and quartered, and definately fired from this site for being a class A retard.

sparksfly 10/13/03 07:23 PM

dude, shut up. the interview wasn't done in person, it was on done on a phone. probably a cell phone. maybe ace did say "orange rhyming dictionary" and was just misunderstood.

calm yourself.

shoemile 10/13/03 07:56 PM

yeah that really sucked when Ace got knocked in the head at the end of "baby blue" in Milwaukee. They were the main reason i went to the show, and I only got to hear one song off the new album, and they didn't even finish it. Can't blame them or anything, but it sucked. Kinda cool when kenny and buddy played with them though.

Jon Wark 10/13/03 09:27 PM

Yeah dudes, he said that dictionary shit kind of fast, and i couldnt understand it so i thought the second word was driving, but its rhyming. so i fixed it, so thanks to the SUPER EMO KID THAT SHOULD BE SHOT FOR BEING SO LAME AND EMO FOR CRYING OVER SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I listen to hardcore, not whussy crying stuff, so wipe your nose on your nu-emo sweater and suck it up! THANKS!!!!

hollyhox00 10/13/03 09:44 PM

dude, if you dont know the title to that jets to brazil album, then dont run a site called absolutePUNK. do you even know who JAWBREAKER is/was? or texas is the reason? if you listen to hardcore, why is this site bogged down with pop punk? NAME CHANGE: absolutepop.

fourletterlie 10/13/03 11:53 PM

wow shut the fuck up that was the dumbest thing i have ever heard. you have no clue what youre talking about and dont ever drag on wark cuz id love to see your ass do anything close to what hes doin with this "apsolutepop" site.enough said.

davedesloover18 10/14/03 06:15 AM

Re: The Early November

Originally posted by Jon Wark
Last night, Jeff forgot the end we play on Every Night’s Another Story… For the past two years we’ve played it last at every single show. We’re playing it and Jeff forgets to go to the end of the song, and nothing happens, and we all just stopped. It was the most ridiculous ending of a song I’ve ever heard. We all stared at each other for at least a minute, and then we went back into the song. It was funny.
That was at the Pontiac show.

It was funny because I never crowd surf and I hate people that do all the time, but I got so excited and I was getting crushed, so I decided to go up. So what happens right when I get up? They stop playing, I felt like a douche, but it was okay, cause I was right there when they were all staring at each other.

MumblingMiles 10/14/03 08:05 AM

Of course Wark knows who Jawbreaker is, you culiado. Wark knows what he's talking about. Don't jump on him for not knowing about an emo band like Jets to Brazil, he listens to different music. Everybody knows who Jawbreaker is, chupador de huevos.

violencexgrace 10/14/03 09:28 AM

I want to know if this kid is serious about that reading shit... I mean, honestly -- who has NEVER finished one single book in their entire life? He just doesn't strike me as the "illiterate" type.

I should buy him the Harry Potter books. He'd read that, right? RIGHT?! Harry Potter is cake... like fourth grade reading level.

ANYWAY. Nice interview, Wark. I think Ace came across as... Ace'y.

Guy 10/14/03 01:01 PM

Wark you really have no fucking clue what you are talking about. If you are so fucking hardcore why are you interviewing a drive-thru band? Is Early November what you consider "hardcore" or did Tate tool you into interviewing them? I guarantee Jets to Brazil, especially "Orange Rhyming Dictionary", owns anything you listen too.

xxHOPESFALLxx 10/14/03 01:03 PM


Originally posted by Guy
What a fucktard. The Jets to Brazil album is called "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" not "driving dictionary". Whoever made that mistake should be shot, drawn, and quartered, and definately fired from this site for being a class A retard.

You shouldn't call anyone a retard if you lack the mental ability to spell a word as simple as "definitely."