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Thomas Nassiff 04/30/12 08:17 AM

Somebody Coheed Used To Know
Coheed & Cambria covered Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" live. Check out the video in the replies.

Submitted by everyone

Thomas Nassiff 04/30/12 08:18 AM

MikeYabs 04/30/12 08:19 AM

Love it.

drewinseries 04/30/12 08:20 AM

Ah, that was awesome!

First time seeing Josh back behind the kit, awesome, awesome.

mms13 04/30/12 08:27 AM

Are you kidding me! Watching now.

Edit: That was great. Would love a studio version of this. Claudio's voice is perfect for this song.

Jack Appleby 04/30/12 08:28 AM

This is so good.

Phil507 04/30/12 08:29 AM

Expect this song to be nominated for Record Of The Year at the Grammy's, along with (maybe?) Fun.

uglystar03 04/30/12 08:30 AM

Not a fan.

BurymeWalkAway 04/30/12 08:32 AM

Damn great job

PHI Flyers10 04/30/12 08:34 AM

I've actually never heard the original version but this is pretty sweet.

thesinkingship 04/30/12 08:35 AM

So great. The same uploader also has most of the new song "Sentry the Defiant" up.

11:11 04/30/12 08:36 AM

Coheed and Cambria are just too good.

kevinjordan 04/30/12 08:37 AM

Claudio is a beast.

cwhit412 04/30/12 08:40 AM

Not even a Coheed fan, but that was cool as fuck. As someone said above, a studio version would be fucking awesome.

cwhit412 04/30/12 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by PHI Flyers10 (Post 107222292)
I've actually never heard the original version but this is pretty sweet.

you should listen. it rules.