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Jason Tate 04/30/12 04:40 PM

Fireworks Still Writing
Fireworks are writing, but they're not sure what they're gonna do next.
From the Interview We’re trying to figure out the release we want to do next. Whether we want to do an EP or something like that. As of now, there’s no set plans. But we have been writing. And we do have a little bit of time off between now and Warped Tour and we’re going to use that time to write. [..] We’ve kind of got to the point where we’ve established ourselves a little bit; have a decent fan base. We can’t over saturate ourselves by touring too much. And we are older now so we have to take other things into consideration. We have to weigh the pros and cons of doing certain tours and not doing certain tours. Before, we were ready to do anything that was offered to us. We could be touring more but some stuff wasn’t worth it to us and some stuff we just didn’t want to do for whatever reason. It’s not necessarily a purpose thing, but if we play each major city four or five times a year, people are going to start getting sick of it. And we would over saturate ourselves.

Submitted by zack-182

zachff 04/30/12 04:44 PM

I didn't think they were at a point financially where they could be that discerning with their touring schedule, but more power to them if that's where they're at.

PirateSkater182 04/30/12 04:50 PM

Hmm.. interesting. A full length would require a lot of touring, so we'll see.

hashbrowns 04/30/12 04:55 PM

my vote is for a double full length. and then a double full length of acoustic versions of the double full length.

LivingTheLyrics 04/30/12 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by zachff (Post 107257452)
I didn't think they were at a point financially where they could be that discerning with their touring schedule, but more power to them if that's where they're at.

Well, Dave's dad passed away recently and when my mother passed I got a fair chunk of change from the estate, even though we were pretty poor when she passed. I mean this comment in the most respectful way possible and am not saying that it's a good thing at all.

jordalsh 04/30/12 05:15 PM

Full length is my vote!! I love Gospel

avarice14 04/30/12 05:24 PM

Lazy fucks.

Manufactured Dreams 04/30/12 05:42 PM

Need a new album in my life now

ThisIsNotDan 04/30/12 05:45 PM

real excited. I think they're one of the only bands of their scene/bands they always tour with that's actually gotten better with every release

suicidalmoose 04/30/12 06:00 PM

agreed. they should tour to countries they never played before! :-d

Alexx Miller 04/30/12 06:40 PM

Can't wait for whatever comes next. Great band and absolutely loved Gospel.

Thomas Nassiff 04/30/12 06:50 PM

will be excited for anything

icynova 04/30/12 07:00 PM

Honestly, I just got Gospel about a month ago when they came through. I was embarrassed that I didn't know the new songs, and they sounded so good (to be fair, not a lot of people there knew them either.)

So if they take a bit and write a full length, I won't be sad. I'm still absorbing Gospel (and loving every minute of it.)

"You wish you loved anything the way I love my friends!"

untitled94 04/30/12 07:01 PM

Solid band. Honestly, I've liked them better after every release. Seems like they're being logical about touring as well.

ParkwayTom 04/30/12 07:04 PM

I'm sure I'll dig whatever they put out. Typically the more time a band takes to write, the better things turn out.