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Jason Tate 04/30/12 04:43 PM

fun. Shooting "Some Nights" Video Next Week
fun. will be filming a video for "Some Nights" next week.

BigAl 04/30/12 04:47 PM

I love that song so much.

brent_ster 04/30/12 04:52 PM

I can see this song being just as huge as We Are Young and that makes me smile. Interested to see what they do with the video.

irthesteve 04/30/12 04:52 PM


chiefjordo 04/30/12 04:57 PM

Best song on the album? I think so, with "Stars" a close second.

rkpenguin 04/30/12 05:01 PM

I had a feeling this was coming. The Some Nights intro video kind of leads up to it.

Kris_Gontz9 04/30/12 05:02 PM

Best Song in that album by far, nothing comes close. Epicness.

Hopefully the song doesn't looses it's appeal with the overplaying, but whatever...

Cody Nelson 04/30/12 05:04 PM

Was waiting for this announcement. Stoked.

tyler2tall147 04/30/12 05:17 PM

I want videos for every song!

pleasedontask 04/30/12 05:23 PM

Really want this to be amazing.

Manufactured Dreams 04/30/12 05:32 PM

Finally!!! Stoked!

NLRGAH 04/30/12 05:49 PM

I Hope
I hope it does lose it's appeal for me by being played 24/7. I want this band to blow up, I am so sick of "We are Young" but after seeing how happy Nate and the rest the guys were the other night i'm willing to put my selfishness aside. Lets all buy some nights(the song) and get it to number one! lol jk i'm not crazy but i hope people go nuts for this song.

bladerdude360 04/30/12 05:50 PM

Awesome! I'm sure it'll be awesome.

kskillzz 04/30/12 06:02 PM

I like the song but I really can't see it being as big as We Are Young.

moneymaker. 04/30/12 06:16 PM

great news. looking forward to hearing this song on the radio

PopPunkKid 04/30/12 06:18 PM

God I just really hope Fun. doesn't end up being a one hit wonder... It'd be so so sad to see such a talented group of musicians have their career defined by one song. Honestly I do still love We Are Young, but they do have so many songs just as good/better. If this song or "Carry On" don't blow up, I'll be very sad.

Boucher187 04/30/12 06:38 PM

Best Song On Album!

Turkeylegz 04/30/12 06:38 PM

Can't wait to be sick of this song!
That being said, Im happy for Nate and company

BobbyJae 04/30/12 06:42 PM

This better be a more creative/better than We Are Young. Good song, not much video replay value though.

woohoo! 04/30/12 06:50 PM

i'm excited to get we are young off the radio. love the song, but i hate when good songs are beat to death. i wish this came a little sooner

CavanaughPark 04/30/12 07:42 PM

Excited. I don't think anything can beat Walking the Dog though. That video is the best ever.

Acad08 04/30/12 08:55 PM

The entire album is great, but Some Nights is OUTSTANDING!

70x7brandnew 04/30/12 09:09 PM

I think this song will be huge, but only because of WAY's success.

recall reality 04/30/12 09:21 PM

Sweet, hopefully this will mean less We Are Young. Don't get me wrong, I love how much they're getting played, it's just there are so many better songs on the album.

8SlicesOfPie 04/30/12 09:29 PM

Thank god.

werealldudes19 04/30/12 09:32 PM

fucking great news.

runningohfive 04/30/12 11:08 PM


StarZap 05/01/12 01:20 AM

I'm glad this song is a single.

i like apples 05/01/12 01:56 AM

One of the only times in recent memory where a song that deserves to be a single actually is a single.

cowlord 05/01/12 04:44 AM

Love the song, don't see it doing very well on radio at all.

B.Leibo 05/01/12 05:15 AM

I thought there was already a video for this

mattisrawrock 05/01/12 05:29 AM

Hoping it ties in right after the Some Nights Intro video and right before We Are Young.

That would be genius

mka12992 05/01/12 07:22 AM

Hope it bridges the gap between the Some Nights (intro) video and the We Are Young video.

SuNDaYSTaR 05/01/12 07:42 AM

I thought they filmed it like two months ago? Anyway, I'm stoked.

QuietThings430 05/01/12 08:59 AM

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hope this thing blows up

whatsername09 05/01/12 03:18 PM

Huzzah! One of my favorites!

brothemighty 05/06/12 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by cowlord (Post 107290252)
Love the song, don't see it doing very well on radio at all.

I have to agree man, I'm not optimistic. I've just totally lost faith in my generation to see a song this good be a hit

paul r white 05/14/12 01:36 PM

Eye witness, Some Nights video production
Had the unique pleasure of being part of the shooting of the video for Some Nights. It WILL BE fantastic as promised. These guys are hard working, dedicated, and talented. I salute them, the crew, and all of us who played a role. Big production! Be anxious!