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Joe DeAndrea 05/01/12 06:42 PM

Fun.'s Response to "We Are Young" Parodies
Fun. hasn't found the humor in parodies for "We Are Young."
From the Article"I get an e-mail about every other day being like, 'You've gotta see this parody.' [And] I'm not going to go Coolio on the situation and say I'm not into parodies, but I'm going to say, chances are, it's not funny," frontman Nate Ruess said. "Maybe I have a high standard for what's funny, but I'm just going to go with 'We Are Not Young,' you probably are not funny. Like, that level of comedy that I just did was the exact same level of comedy that they're doing."

Joe DeAndrea 05/01/12 06:43 PM

brandon_260 05/01/12 06:43 PM


Matt Metzler 05/01/12 06:44 PM

"We're Not Young" was a challenge to get through.

Saves The Night 05/01/12 06:45 PM

let's see if we can find a way to get that stick out of his ass and just chill.

bandnamexmyname 05/01/12 06:45 PM

yeah whatever

providence36 05/01/12 06:45 PM

bradsonemanband 05/01/12 06:45 PM

i hate parodies too

Elscorcho2008 05/01/12 06:46 PM

i like apples 05/01/12 06:46 PM

I've heard maybe one or two parodies in my lifetime that we're actually funny.

camperfrequency 05/01/12 06:50 PM

Alright guys we're going to pull as hard as we can on 3...

TriangularDuck 05/01/12 06:50 PM

this is the only parody I've enjoyed in quite some time

I think it's the complete seriousness that gets me every fucking time

Meeze 05/01/12 06:52 PM

Word, Nate.

Chuck! 05/01/12 06:52 PM

We're at the point of reporting what Nate Reuss eats for lunch.

TGinTexas 05/01/12 06:53 PM

I understand where he is coming from, but if you have a number one song, unwanted attention is gonna happen. Dude should just deal with it and be happy that the song is huge.