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Thomas Nassiff 05/02/12 07:26 PM

The Menzingers Robbed In Manchester
Update: A blog post from the band including ways to help can be read here.

The Menzingers were robbed last night in Manchester. Everything besides the band's gear is gone, over $10,000 worth of property. We're reaching out to the band to see if they're opening a PayPal donation account or a Kickstarter or anything like that.

LanzGodly 05/02/12 07:28 PM

So fucking shitty.

algae 05/02/12 07:32 PM

Do they mean literally robbed like "Give me all your shit or I'll shoot you"?

ghelms88 05/02/12 07:33 PM

Fucking sucks. Ready and willing to donate a few bucks if they start a Kickstarter or something.

Zack Zarrillo 05/02/12 07:34 PM

Lots of this going around lately. Really a shame

Thomas Nassiff 05/02/12 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by JamieTheSonger (Post 107396312)
Do they mean literally robbed like "Give me all your shit or I'll shoot you"?

Probably was "burglarized"....but I copied from the tweet.

Thomas Nassiff 05/02/12 07:41 PM

Either way, who cares, super shitty for this to happen to a bunch of awesome people.

SoundwaveUproar 05/02/12 07:48 PM

will donate, hope they get something going

kismet 05/02/12 08:00 PM

That really blows. I like these guys, I'll donate when they start something for sure.

koryoreo 05/02/12 08:01 PM

Man that's terrible. I'll definitely buy some extra merch at the bouncing souls show in July in addition to donating if they set something up.

March_Faster!! 05/02/12 08:12 PM

Jesus, if those thieves had listened to the Menzinger's most recent album...they would've left their shit alone. "Whoa, this album is fucking amazing. They need to play this live. Let's leave it alone." I envision something like that. But seriously, fuck whoever did this.

Sam DeBurns Red 05/02/12 08:13 PM

Absolute suck. These dudes are awesome, hope they can get their stuff/money back. Unreal.

low_rising 05/02/12 08:13 PM

man why does this shit always happen to the good, hardworking, talented bands?

kazuma_ootaro28 05/02/12 08:13 PM

Very shitty. :-(

MXP 05/02/12 08:14 PM

Down to donate, love their new album