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Jason Tate 05/03/12 02:46 PM

The Dear Hunter Filming Upcoming Show for DVD
The Dear Hunter will be filming their upcoming Color Spectrum show and releasing it as a DVD.

Submitted by Charles777

Rob McWilliams 05/03/12 02:53 PM

Very good news.

Metal Now 05/03/12 03:23 PM


xScrewed@Birthx 05/03/12 03:41 PM

I cannot wait for this to come out.

Fool 05/03/12 03:55 PM

Figured this would happen. Glad it really is.

ConquerTheSound 05/03/12 05:54 PM

This is awesome news! Glad I can be there in person and watch it later!

palebluedot 05/03/12 07:05 PM

Is it possible for bands like these to release shows in bluray format?

AndyMania 05/04/12 01:02 AM

yes yes yesssss

NateFoundGlory 05/04/12 01:40 AM

Day = made. I will gladly buy this, The Color Spectrum was my AOTY last year; such a fantastic release.