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Ryan Gardner 05/05/12 11:23 PM

Staff Recommendations: May 6th, 2012
Almost a week into May already? What's everyone been listening to, watching, or reading this week?
Ryan GardnerI've been spinning Mayday Parade's timeless A Lesson In Romantics all week, as well as the latest from The Menzingers, fun., and Daytrader. Starting up the new Stephen King Dark Tower book tomorrow (finally).
Andy BiddulphBeen listening to an awful lot of the latest Japandroids, Straight Lines and Daytrader records. Also, a huge pat on the back to everybody who donated to help The Menzingers make their money back after they were robbed in Manchester last week; especially the guys at Banquet Records who raised 1,600 (including 250 of their own money) for the cause. Also, the UK's The Skints had their van, gear and merch stolen on Saturday. Unfortunately, you know the drill by now - please buy merch and CDs if you possibly can to help this ridiculously hardworking band.
Alex DiVincenzoI Can See Mountains, The Tower & The Fool, Freshman 15, Daytrader, Beastie Boys

abusedcat 05/05/12 11:27 PM

Been jamming a lot of Garbage a lot lately - to be specific Beautiful Garbage and Bleed Like Me, in anticipation for Not Your Kind Of People.
Band rules, and those two records get overlooked a lot.
Rewatching season one of Suits as well.

tacosforcharles 05/05/12 11:55 PM


Also I STILL can't stop listening to the new Lovedrug. Can't believe how much I'm enjoying it.

gameguru990 05/06/12 12:08 AM

Sufjan Stevens
Twenty One Pilots
All Get Out (I just got back from seeing them in Detroit with La Dispute and Balance and Composure and they completely stole the show. They were definitely the best there.)
The Oh Hello's

InfiniteArms 05/06/12 02:10 AM

Don't know if people are familiar with Casey Abrams, who was on American Idol last year. Recently, he posted an original song on YouTube.

Daytrader - Twelve Years

anamericangod 05/06/12 02:23 AM

I still listen to A Lesson In Romantics all the time. Great pop-punk record.

The Forecast
Charlie Simpson
Third Eye Blind
This Day & Age
Tiger Tank

Shanejoseph 05/06/12 04:12 AM

Rotating through all of these at work this week:

Allen Stone
Brighter Brightest

Michael1002 05/06/12 04:13 AM

Listening a lot to Driver Friendly, Veils, Of Monsters and Men and guilty pleasure Hoodie Allen

Forgot the Mickey Factz mixtape Mickey Mau5

DividingByZero 05/06/12 04:57 AM

Dan Bull
The Hush Sound
Motion City Soundtrack
Tiger! Tiger!

uglystar03 05/06/12 06:06 AM

Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg
The Forecast - Everybody Left
Placeholder - Nothing is Pure
Pedro the Lion - Control
The Tower and the Fool - How Long

Brett9 05/06/12 06:16 AM

The Tower and the Fool - How Long has dominated my week, and may end up pretty high on my EOTY list.

jordalsh 05/06/12 06:24 AM

The '59 Sound by the Gaslight Anthem (on vinyl especially)
Elise by The Horrible Crowes
Ups and Downsizing by The Swellers

incognitojones 05/06/12 06:27 AM

Debello, can't rec enough.

musicfan9795 05/06/12 06:36 AM

Daytrader's Twelve Years

A Loss For Words' No Sanctuary

August Burns Red's Leveler

Chiodos' All's Well That Ends Well and Bone Palace Ballet

_veges_ 05/06/12 07:20 AM