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Thomas Nassiff 05/14/12 02:05 PM

Derrick Frost Rejoins Chiodos
Derrick Frost has rejoined Chiodos as their drummer. There's a video in the replies about it.

Submitted by four people within a very short timeframe

Thomas Nassiff 05/14/12 02:06 PM

Thomas Nassiff 05/14/12 02:07 PM

not ashamed that i enjoy the first two chiodos records.

Steve Alcala 05/14/12 02:07 PM

Sweet, hope they work on new material soon

.dot 05/14/12 02:07 PM

So stoked. The new record is going to be amazing.

NickMadeVisible 05/14/12 02:09 PM

"Submitted by four people in a very short timeframe" I love you Thomas.

Thomas Nassiff 05/14/12 02:09 PM

My favorite news submission is the one that comes two minutes after I post the news:

"You guys are fucking sleeping. Derrick Frost has rejoined Chiodos. http://www.altpress.com/news/entry/d..._returns_to_ch iodos

Submitted by GrouchOmArx"

Thanks GrouchOmArx.

Kgod 05/14/12 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 107963562)
not ashamed that i enjoy the first two chiodos records.

As you shouldn't be, love those records. Glad to see the original lineup, cant wait for music news.

.dot 05/14/12 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by Ban4HayleysTits (Post 107963672)
Mmm Chiodos Bros. Line up

Actually its not lol

steve187 05/14/12 02:12 PM

inb4 alls well that ends well pt.2 announcement

cowlord 05/14/12 02:12 PM

Stoked for new tunes. Hope the magic isn't gone.

Redpaperkut 05/14/12 02:13 PM

Fucking stoked. Can't wait for a new record.

Also, they're doing this teaser video shit right.

Eurotrash Drock 05/14/12 02:16 PM

chiodos pulling a taking back sunday

ThereWeWere 05/14/12 02:18 PM

What song is this

FallOutWeeze 05/14/12 02:18 PM

Yes, yes, YES