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Allstarme23 05/17/12 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by Larsfan (Post 108141132)
The first one that comes to mind for me is HelloGoodbye's Would It Kill You? Now that came out of nowhere. Still spin it daily.

This all day such a great album totally caught me off guard I listen to it a lot still as well can't wait for the follow up.

N. Hall 05/18/12 12:29 AM

Every Kanye West album after TCD (Watch the Throne excluded)

blink-182, selftitled

N. Hall 05/18/12 12:31 AM

Someone said hellogoodbye's Would It Kill You? and I think that's a good choice, though after everything the band had gone through between those albums I think my expectations ended up lowered in caution, but wow that album was great

Mattylikesfilms 05/18/12 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by brook183 (Post 108122222)
Kanye West - MBDTF.

I had never really gotten into any hip hop albums, but after listening to all the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks, I preordered this right away. Blew me away on first listen.


I don't like Kanye at all but once I heard the G.O.O.D songs and MBDTF, I was sold finally.

Other recent albums that went past expectations are;

Now,Now- Threads:

I liked Cars and when I heard "Dead Oaks" I was excited to hear the full album. I figured the new album would be solid but holy fuck- it was so much more. It came out right when I had a insanely messy break up with a girlfriend of 3.5 years and this album spoke to me. I'm a huge Now,Now fan.. now ha. I'll be seeing them at the Bootleg Bar in LA next month!

Mansions- Dig Up The Dead:

It's obvious how big of a fan I am of Chris but this album is going to always be one of my favorites ever. I was a big fan of New Best Friends so this album was highly anticipated and the album blew all my expectations away. Every song is perfect. "Seven Years" and "Wormhole" give me chills, "You got cool" features one of my favorite lyrics Chris has ever wrote;

"You found God hiding underneath the stairs,
Popping pills you're making sure you say your prayers,
Convince that you've been cured
But you're alone just like the earth".

The album is amazing and if the next album is as amazing as Chase (Chris's manager) and Casey (runs Burning House Records- the label Chris is on) are saying the demos for it are... I'll die of happiness.

GetUpAndrew 05/18/12 12:43 AM

Yellowcard - Paper Walls
Fireworks - Gospel
The Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt

makeasound 05/18/12 12:49 AM

I agree with so many of the albums people have already stated in this thread. Lots of great records.

I've got to go with Autopilot Off - Make A Sound.

They're my favorite band, so the expectations would have been high regardless. But what ended up being the album version of "Clockwork" had been floating around for awhile, and I enjoyed "What I Want" when they put the single out, so that added to it. I then saw them play a set consisting mainly of songs from that record about 2-3 weeks before its release, and my expectations shot through the roof. The album exceeded every one of them upon first listen.

deanster321 05/18/12 01:31 AM

I'll say the last two ETID albums. I was already a big fan but they've gone above and beyond with those two.

AlexHuffman 05/18/12 01:38 AM

The Wonder Years - The Upsides
I know Suburbia seems like an obvious choice, but I think we are overlooking the jump this band made from their earliest material. I have followed them for a really long time (probably because of this site) and when I first heard Logan Circle, I about shit a brick.

The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne
Growing up in the same scene as these guys, I always appreciated their ethic and how gracious they always were to us, as a smaller band, but I honestly never got the hype. Once this record came out, they showed that they were more than capable of making a record that could stand on its own as an incredible piece of work.

The Ghost Inside - Returners
Fury and the Fallen Ones is probably one of the best debuts I have ever heard from a hardcore band, and I honestly thought what made me like the record so much were some of the lyrics and catchy parts and I really expected the second record to disappoint me. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Comeback Kid - Broadcasting
The two records Scott did with this band probably rank in my top ten favorite hardcore records of all time, so I was honestly distraught and had absolutely no faith in the band continuing. Broadcasting shattered my expectations and stood close to winning my heart as much as TIA and WTD did. S&C on the other hand...

centennial. 05/18/12 01:45 AM

motion city soundtrack - my dinosaur life
cursive - i am gemini
blink-182 - neighborhoods

well i still think fighting the gravity is the best song on neighborhoods

jaybean 05/18/12 01:53 AM

North by something corporate. I remember being on holiday in Florida with my dad and brother and dragging them to music stores just to find this record and hearing the opening notes and just falling instantly in love. By the end of the holiday even my dad was singing along.

Camp by childish Gambino. After the ep I had massive excpectations for this lp and it didn't disappoint, I can't think of a bad song on it.

Suburbia by the wonder years. Obvious one this but after the upsides I didn't know where they'd go, they blew me away with suburbia. Another album with no bad songs in my opinion.

Neighborhoods by blink. The long wait for this left me feeling jaded and not sure they could produce something I'd love again but they did better than I could of hoped for. I know a lot of people diss this record but in my eyes it's a masterpiece and worth the wait.

Proper by Into it. Over it. Ive loved everything Evans put out and already held this album in high regard based on the songs that were released when I hears the whole thing I knew that this would be one of my favourite records for a very long time.

Kal El 05/18/12 02:50 AM

Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

A cliché at this point but a cliché for very good reasons. The infamous demos leaked in January of that year but nothing had me prepared for what was to come in November. From 'Sowing Season' to 'Handcuffs', the sound of a band unmatched by their peers.

creativemind 05/18/12 04:24 AM

A few odd ones:

A Day to Remember - WSMFY
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
Dave Matthews Band - Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (yup)
Muse - The Uprising
Sonata Arctica - The Days of Grays
The Dangerous Summer - War Paint
Sublime with Rome - Yours Truly
Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions
Raunchy - A Discord Electric

So-Crates 05/18/12 04:46 AM

Recently I would say Fireworks- Gospel & Hellogoodbye- WIKY

JinxRemoving 05/18/12 04:54 AM

Radiohead - Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows
Kanye West - Late Registration, MBDTF
The Roots - Undun
Cursive - I Am Gemini
Saves the Day - In Reverie
Hot Water Music - Caution
Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning
The White Stripes - Elephant
Jack White - Blunderbuss
Jets to Brazil - Perfecting Loneliness
R.E.M. - Accelerate
Ted Leo - Shake the Sheets

chugger182 05/18/12 05:05 AM

The Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl & all following releases
Brand new - Deja & TD&GARIM
The format - dog problems
Four Year Strong - Enemy of the world
The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
Motion City Soundtrack - commit this to memory & my dinosaur life
Taking back Sunday - where you want to be
Yellowcard - Ocean Ave