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claw1400 05/21/12 05:13 PM


Avalanche1 05/21/12 05:13 PM

God damn they never let me down. Love the vocal melody in the chorus.

SilenceBrokenTT 05/21/12 05:13 PM

Already a rip of it going around on tumblr....

nikki0718 05/21/12 05:14 PM

loving the new single :) i see why people mentioned Ocean Avenue now. perfect summer song.

animefan13LPfn1 05/21/12 05:14 PM

Fuck yes. [3]

Man, that was great. Can't wait for the whole album.

TheDillon 05/21/12 05:14 PM

so good!! awesome the site crashed haha

calmsurrender 05/21/12 05:14 PM

Awesome. Yellowcard doesn't ever disappoint.

joexfm 05/21/12 05:14 PM

holy shit that violin solo

TheDillon 05/21/12 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by SilenceBrokenTT (Post 108271671)
Already a rip of it going around on tumblr....

it's way too easy to download the song off this site when they do exclusives.

Sherry116 05/21/12 05:15 PM

YES! I was hoping it would be the riff that Mendez was playing in that youtube video. I can't even put into words how much i love yellowcard.

DividingByZero 05/21/12 05:15 PM

god damn that violin is amazing

underdawg1119 05/21/12 05:15 PM

Shit rules.

Edit: That solo, goodness. Love this band so much.

Jason Tate 05/21/12 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by billyboatkid (Post 108271561)
Such an awesome song. That screams Ocean Ave. and this isn't the one with Patrick Stump? Because I didn't hear him.. Unless I'm deaf.

It's not the one with p.stumpiddy.

smowashere 05/21/12 05:16 PM

Hell yeahhhhhh

AndrewSoup 05/21/12 05:16 PM

The 15 minutes that AP was down was totally worth the wait.
I love the song already, Yellowcard always makes the perfect songs for summertime!