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Alex DiVincenzo 05/22/12 01:15 PM

Call fun. Maybe
Watch fun. cover Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" here.

Manufactured Dreams 05/22/12 01:18 PM

Dat voice!!! Better than the original version which I really enjoy.

solarmoo900 05/22/12 01:21 PM

God I love Nate's voice

UnderMyDreams 05/22/12 01:22 PM

He Needed To Use Lyrics He's So Lazy Like Learn The Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

msulliv7 05/22/12 01:22 PM

I personally would rather watch them cover non-pop songs and take their take on something way out of their comfort zone. fun. covers of, lets say, grunge songs, would be interesting

incognitojones 05/22/12 01:23 PM

Convinced that this song is so good that every cover by adequate musicians is going to be good as well.

jonwangcb 05/22/12 01:23 PM

Ugh. Stop covering crappy songs.

bobsheiskawy 05/22/12 01:23 PM

i want them to do some sort of release called fun. makes songs better.

basselmudarris 05/22/12 01:24 PM

hahahaha awesome.

punchedbyagirl 05/22/12 01:28 PM

I'd be surprised if they actually chose to cover this because Nate's reading off a sheet.

t00latef0rr0ses 05/22/12 01:28 PM


ChrisCanberg 05/22/12 01:32 PM

Wow. Definitely enjoyed this more than the original.

hellogorgeous 05/22/12 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by Qadriyyah (Post 108304752)
Dat voice!!! Better than the original version which I really enjoy.


hellogorgeous 05/22/12 01:33 PM

love that they are looking at the lyrics haha

esposimi 05/22/12 01:34 PM

Studio version of this and the Gotye cover please!