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Kelly Doherty 05/26/12 02:26 PM

Pull Strings - Autumn/ Winter/Spring EP
Pull Strings-Autumn/Winter/Spring EP
Record Label: Better Days Record
Release Date: March 27, 2012

If you’re reading this review, you’re most definitely reading it on Absolutpunk.net. If not, well, there’s probably some copyright infringement of some sort going on, but for the sake of example I will make the assumption that you are currently visiting Absolutepunk.net’s plentiful review section. As someone who is on Absolutepunk.net, I will make another assumption about you, you like punk/rock/metal/alternative/hip-hop or one of their many sub-genres. I apologize if you utterly detest the aforementioned genres but once again, this is just an assumption. If you fulfill my two assumptions, chances are, you love the 90’s. I love the 90’s and every form of alternative music appeared to love the 90’s. I merely need to state a few names to inspire nostalgic glee in the hearts of many an Absolutepunk.net user; Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Texas Is The Reason, Jawbreaker - the list goes on. This is why bands like Transit and Saturday’s Kids inspire such hype with their 90’s tinged punk rock, it’s because we yearn for the 90’s. This is where Pull Strings come in. They like the 90’s. A lot. Autumn/Winter/Spring is the Massachusetts’ four piece’s debut EP, and it is filled with three fast, emotional, punk songs and a slow acoustic closer, all straight from 2012 via 1995. The band comprised of Adam DaSilva (vocals), Dylan Fleming (bass), John Collins (drums) and Tyler Allain (guitar) have given us a glimpse of their first year as a band through the medium of this here EP.

It opens with ‘Staring At The Sun (November 1st). Filled with the perfect ingredients for an opener, the track kick starts the EP with a bang. Fast and shouty, the lyrics are emotive, and the music sounds raw and fresh without sacrificing the sadness of their emo forefathers. ‘Leaving (May 3rd)’ is more catchy than its predecessor. Slightly more bouncy, it would be a fantastic live track, with gang ‘whoa-ing’, and mosh-tastic guitar lines. ‘Pipe Dreams (January 2nd)’ combines a melodic background with more ‘whoa-ing’ with the growled vocals of DaSilva. Closer, ‘’Sleeping In (October 17th) is an acoustic fare. The lyrics are quite blunt, and aren’t exactly poetry, but it’s the youthful honesty of the track that endears it. It’s a great closer to an even better EP.

Basically, this EP isn’t going to rocket Pull Strings into the stratosphere of punk, that’ll take a few years yet, but it’s a stellar release. It encompasses everything the 90’s did right, whilst taking in new aspects from the current scene. I assume, based on the fact that you’re still reading this review (if you skipped to the end, shame on you), that you are suitably interested in this EP. I therefore assume you are going instantly to purchase this EP, and you are then going to listen to four excellent tracks from a band that are definitely going to be very popular here on Absolutepunk.net. It’s just an assumption, though.

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StayFaithful 05/28/12 07:40 PM

Get into this band. You won't regret it. Such good, fast punk.

Kelly Doherty 05/29/12 11:30 AM

I highly recommend them to any punk fan. Haven't been this stoked on a punk EP in a while.

Check out the EP here. http://pullstrings.bandcamp.com/

Spoodehuh 05/30/12 12:33 AM

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John Collins 06/01/12 09:40 PM

thanks for the cool review!

edit: "winter"

nick_smizzle 06/02/12 11:20 AM

hung out with the dude who sings for this band the other day, cool dude, cool band, get into it

Kelly Doherty 06/02/12 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by John Collins (Post 108806552)
thanks for the cool review!

edit: "winter"

Damn... :-p Done.

John Collins 06/02/12 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by clarityentendu (Post 108821532)
Damn... :-p Done.

thanks for the fixing dawgg

marzattack 06/03/12 10:31 PM

SO good

rockstarK9 07/20/12 10:37 AM

Just picked this bitch up, Sleeping In is a great song.

Btw, you might wanna post where people can buy the EP, I had to lurk your FB for a link.