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Thomas Nassiff 06/04/12 01:40 PM

Some Nights I Watch Music Videos
fun.'s new music video for "Some Nights" is now available to watch. "This is it boys; this is war."

dafries1 06/04/12 01:42 PM

Could this be a bigger single than "We Are Young"?

Video is epic.

irthesteve 06/04/12 01:43 PM

AH! Gotta watch now

thechrisformat 06/04/12 01:43 PM

Not bad.

Alex DiVincenzo 06/04/12 01:44 PM

Cool video.

basselmudarris 06/04/12 01:45 PM

I like it, but is it just me or are the audio and video not synced?

get up kidd 06/04/12 01:45 PM

Awesome video. Like this song WAY more than We Are Young.

Zack Zarrillo 06/04/12 01:46 PM

A friend mentioned that this gives flashbacks of Four Year's video

Enjoyed it. Hope it blows up

irthesteve 06/04/12 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by basselmudarris (Post 108897152)
I like it, but is it just me or are the audio and video not synced?

dead on for me

irthesteve 06/04/12 01:49 PM

Also, they are on Kimmel tonight playing "One Foot"

squared82 06/04/12 01:50 PM

This is my favorite song on the album.

I've played it for a few people who enjoy We Are Young and the radio, but none of them liked it...

plns 06/04/12 01:50 PM

I'm really confused why the hell they are playing One Foot on Kimmel tonight instead of this.

Keagan Ilvonen 06/04/12 01:53 PM

So dope.

Acad08 06/04/12 01:55 PM

AMAZING video! Took my breath away when he was singing to the soldiers during the first verse.

However, the traditional grip goes in the left hand...not the right.

gregplaysdrums 06/04/12 01:56 PM

I prefer FYS' civil war video more, but I also like the band more than Fun.